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Collectibe Impact Message

RANK: 1 NAME: Emerson TEAMS: Gloo Midwest Engineering and Solutions Center (MESC) Emerson Nilai Malaysia wcftec PRITHVI Grow-E-M EMERSON - INDIA Emerson Cold Chain Emerson Emerson ANZ Emerson Mergers and Acquisitions Emerson-SDC ISV Chengdu Team ecochallenge A PARIVALLAL Emerson EIL9 Emerson Greening of EU MSOL MSOL MEA OPS Emerson in DC Emerson - SoCal HVACR America Emerson Austin Emerson Brasil Emerson Canada Emerson Elmira Emerson Manila Emerson Boulder Emerson Clay Rd Emerson Ontario Emerson Sittard MEA Planet Team PRM TEAM MANILA Emerson Americas Sales Emerson Cono Sur Emerson McKinney Emerson Professional Tools NA FRTF Engineering Rajendra Shewale Emerson-ECT-India EMERSON-FCV-INDIA Emerson - GEC - INDIA Emerson Marketing EMERSON-MAS-INDIA Emerson Monterrey EMERSON - MWC - INDIA Fisher Green Team Pencinta Alam SBG EMERSON-EIMC-INDIA Emerson - FCEC - India Emerson Greening of EU France Emerson NOLA Emerson Twin Cities Emerson_ EIMC-India Green Team Stafford Marshalltown Campus Team ecochallenge 2 Emerson Earth Lovers Emerson - Florham Park Emerson North Region EMERSON AUTOSOL JAPAN Emerson AutoSol Korea EMERSON-BRANSON-INDIA Emerson Climate - Kolin Emerson Marketing LAM Emerson_SG Green Team Crop Tops & Crop Dusters Emerson Appleton Group Emerson AP Legal - Manila Emerson EEEC I&II India Emerson Walk For Nature HR Tecnologias de Flujo Emerson Greening of Europe Sales DACH Emerson Greening of Team TA Emerson / TESCOM Elk River Emerson Asia Pacific Sustainability Heroes Emerson Greening of EU Italy Emerson Legal Twin Cities Sensi Canada Participants Emerson Greening of AP PRM Emerson Greening of EU ACT Emerson Greening of EU FCV Emerson Greening of EU PBU Emerson Greening of EU PRM Emerson Greening of NA PSS Emerson Houston - Crossridge Emerson Costa Rica-Go Green Emerson Greening of EU Branson Emerson Greening of EU Cluj Emerson Greening of EU CSEE Emerson Greening of EU FLMC Emerson Greening of EU SYSS Emerson Greening of NA SYSS Green Samaritan River tribe Emerson Corporate Accounting Emerson Greening of EU Turkey & Azerbaijan Emerson - New England - Mansfield Emerson Power & Water Solutions Emerson Greening of ISV Europe Emerson Intelligent Automation Emerson Innovation Centre - Pune, India Emerson APIA ERG Houston Chapter Emerson Corporate Sustainability Emerson Greening of EU Leadership Emerson Greening of EU Sales West Emerson Middle East & Africa North America Safety Council -Flow Controls Emerson Product Life Cycle Engineering (PLCE) Emerson Greening of EU Professional Tools Emerson-Mohali-India TEAMMATES: 4214 TOTAL POINTS: 1189550  
RANK: 2 NAME: Deloitte TEAMS: Climate Warriors H2O APCQ CAMs NFIP OTFL Ankur Blaze C.F.E. Cyber GESTC Green Poppy Rains AVATAR Oxygen SriniT US ASM Buddies Hopeful L.L.T.B Team PS USI GFS w3group Akatsuki Avengers EarthOur Go Earth IGNITORS Insignia Let's go Maverick MindBots Orthodox OurEarth Planet A PoojiTha Stickler Team Eco Deloitte Pune Analytics Eco_chill GreenTeen SaveEarth Scavenger Virtuosos Environment is Mother Blue lions CHANGE-IFY Dream Team Eco Friend Happy Feet nachhaltig Planttrees Red Devils Save Green Talent Tax Team Green TeamDEMISE teamim2hyd zero squad Brooklyn NY Deloitte CT Deloitte Tennessee DeloitteEco Eco-warrior ECOFRIENDLY EcoWarriors Lone Ranger Power Puffs Refresh_hyd Team Nature Team Sunset Arora, Simran Sustaina ConnectGreen Deloitte CBO Deloitte GGN deloitte s&a Deloitte USI Deloitte2308 Deloitte_CIS DeloitteCons DF&O Chennai DUSI_Analyst For a change Green Global Mother Earth SAP_Deloitte Sparks World Team Delight Tech Turtles Tree Parties Vivek's team A V D Pallavi Akmal Alamgir Deloitte EDSC Deloitte USDC Deloittelites Green Saviour Rajat Debnath Srishti Gupta Pratixit Shukla We Mean Green Anshu Deloitte Deloitte Tampa Earth Revivors Eco Challenge1 Green Godesses Green Warriors Green_avengers HRT ServiceNow HSG Pune Rocks Anusha, Kampelly Audit Stalwarts Better Tomorrow Challengers2023 Climate Control Deloitte Austin Deloitte Boston Deloitte Denver Deloitte Mumbai F&EP Hyderabad1 Lower Manhattan Team Innovation Ultra Green DRS USI SCNO Advise World Investors Abhinav Deloitte Deloitte Atlanta Deloitte Chicago Deloitte DC Area Deloitte Detroit Deloitte E&A NPO Deloitte Houston Deloitte Memphis Deloitte USI BEN Deloitte USI - BLR Deloitte USI Tax Deloitte_USI_BLR Keep challenging Team EcoFriendly The Changemakers WorkLife Balance Analytics Gurgaon ARA-ESG Bengaluru CanadaDeloitteUSI Climate Crusaders Deloitte Gurugram Deloitte New York Deloitte Stamford Deloitte USI DSAP Deloitte USI PCDS Deloitte USI Pune Deloitte USI RADC EA Global BA Team green_chain_Value Rebirth Our Earth The Sustained Way AERS Bangalore-HSG Blue & Green Forever Defenders of Earth Deloitte Charlotte Deloitte Cleveland Deloitte Hermitage Deloitte Hyderabad Deloitte USI Delhi Deloitte USI India EVERGREEN DELOITTE TaxWNT_EarthSavers Uma Shankar Prasad Arboreal_Respirator CLIMATE ACTION TEAM Deloitte Cincinnati Deloitte Pittsburgh Deloitte Sacramento Deloitte Washington GREEN TEAM - DELOITTE USI KOLKATA phoenix on the Fire USI TAX HYDERABAD Deloitte Minneapolis Deloitte New Orleans Deloitte North Texas Deloitte San Antonio Deloitte USI Kolkata Santosh Kumar Rayudu Saurabh Deloitte USI Deloitte Advisory L&D Deloitte Philadelphia Deloitte USI Gurugram Deloitte Australia USI Deloitte TMT Community Deloitte USI Bangalore Deloitte USI Bengaluru Deloitte USI Hyderabad Deloitte USI TAX IM/RE USI Deloitte Hyderabad Deloitte Salt Lake City Ecochallenge April 2023 Deloitte Resell- It's in the name! SNET ECO CHALLANGE TEAM T&T SC Sustainable Sqad Deloitte USI RFA Chennai Softzone Eco Challengers Sustainable Team USI - CHN TEAM DEPLOYMENT_DELOITTE Decorate world with green Deloitte Omaha / Des Moines Deloitte USI Earth Lovers Deloitte Pacific Northwest Deloitte USI Audit Chennai Deloitte USI Tax PFO April Harshali Bhausaheb Bhamare Chattaloitters Ecochallenge Controllership Deloitte USI Deloitte US Delivery Center Deloitte USI FCOR Hyderabad Deloitte Advisory Innovation Deloitte - Panet Earth Matters! Deloitte Southern California Deloitte USI Audit & Assurance Wilderness Warriors Venkata Sri Harsha Chillarige A Combat to heal earth - Phase 0 Deloitte San Francisco Bay Area Deloitte USI Strategic Risk (B&R) Ecochallengers S&A MUM Fairmont Procurement Sustainability Team Retail Sustainability Champions Deloitte Greater Washington Area USI Sustainability Challenge Deloitte USI Climate Changer Innovators Greater Washington Area (Rosslyn, DC, McLean) gogreen AVENGERS Green earth Deloitte TEAMMATES: 3026 TOTAL POINTS: 336999  
RANK: 3 NAME: WSP USA TEAMS: WSP USA West Region WSP USA Central Region WSP USA Northeast Region WSP USA Southeast Region TEAMMATES: 623 TOTAL POINTS: 120292  
RANK: 4 NAME: The ODP Corporation TEAMS: SOMOS ARG LGBTQ+ and YP ARG Men Of Color ARG SustainABILITY ARG Office Depot STAND ARG Women in Leadership ARG Office Depot Women of Color ARG TEAMMATES: 133 TOTAL POINTS: 85116  
RANK: 5 NAME: Starbucks TEAMS: Givers Region 6 SBUX D353 Starbucks Team Laval Green Beans Liv Jackson LS IA-IL-WI LS Michigan district 775 Team Echelon GSC Starbucks Starbucks 975 Starbucks 6627 Starbucks 19311 Starbucks store 26800 Starbucks District 264 NY/NJ Susan's Starbucks Starbucks District 2022 District 1107 Disruptors Starbucks Midwest Region 3 TEAMMATES: 441 TOTAL POINTS: 66253  
RANK: 6 NAME: TEAMS: Community Team TEAMMATES: 985 TOTAL POINTS: 65910  
RANK: 7 NAME: Slalom TEAMS: Slalom Slalom Austin Slalom Denver Slalom London Slalom Philly Slalom - Chicago Slalom Houston Slalom Phoenix Slalom Seattle Slalom Charlotte Slalom Manchester TEAMMATES: 256 TOTAL POINTS: 48481  
RANK: 8 NAME: HP Inc. TEAMS: SMILE HP CSH HP India HP Canada HPMM Penang Eco Auditors SCF Bangalore HP SUN Barcelona Rainbow Warriors Sales Operation HP Inc. WW GPS Sustainability Team HP Rio Rancho Sustainable Impact Champions TEAMMATES: 242 TOTAL POINTS: 47667  
RANK: 9 NAME: Kohler Co. TEAMS: SKE Bela Kohler Co. Kohler Andradas Teammate Community Team TEAMMATES: 268 TOTAL POINTS: 32866  
RANK: 10 NAME: John Abbott College TEAMS: JAC Sustainability TEAMMATES: 152 TOTAL POINTS: 32305  
RANK: 11 NAME: Seattle Children's TEAMS: SCH PSY Odessa Brown FRC and friends Guild Association Team CHBD ROCKS (and rolls) Seattle Children's - Child Life Seattle Children's - Rheumatology Seattle Children's Therapeutics Seattle Children's - Green Team TEAMMATES: 139 TOTAL POINTS: 32038  
RANK: 12 NAME: Comerica Bank TEAMS: Comerica Texas Ecochallenge Team Comerica Michigan Ecochallenge Team Comerica California Ecochallenge Team Comerica Other Markets Ecochallenge Team TEAMMATES: 134 TOTAL POINTS: 29462  
RANK: 13 NAME: U.S. Bank TEAMS: U.S. Bank MINNEco Team U.S. Bank & Elavon Team Europe TEAMMATES: 235 TOTAL POINTS: 29248  
RANK: 14 NAME: Alliance Technical Group TEAMS: The Red Team The Alliance Blue Team The Green Team The Alliance Yellow Team TEAMMATES: 107 TOTAL POINTS: 25633  
RANK: 15 NAME: Arch Capital Group TEAMS: Team Arch TEAMMATES: 103 TOTAL POINTS: 22304  
RANK: 16 NAME: Kitsap Bank TEAMS: Kitsap Bank | K-BEE Stewards TEAMMATES: 55 TOTAL POINTS: 22042  
RANK: 17 NAME: CLEAResult Consulting, Inc. TEAMS: CLEAResult Consulting TEAMMATES: 112 TOTAL POINTS: 21108  
RANK: 18 NAME: Shreveport Aquarium TEAMS: Shreveport Conservation Krewe TEAMMATES: 41 TOTAL POINTS: 20595  
RANK: 19 NAME: ECOS TEAMS: Lacey Lavenders Greece Grapefruits Parsippany Parsleys Addison Orange Blossoms Cypress Magnolias & Lilies TEAMMATES: 43 TOTAL POINTS: 19454  
RANK: 20 NAME: Organization TEAMS: Wyld CarGurus Drive Less(we) Team Brinkman TEAMMATES: 110 TOTAL POINTS: 19385  
RANK: 21 NAME: SEATTLE CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL TEAMS: Seattle Children's - Regional Network Seattle Children's PeriOp Green Team Seattle Children's Hospital--Neurology Seattle Childrens- Alyssa Burnett Center Team Summer Moon Seattle Children's Hospital - Social Work Department Seattle Children's Hospital - Laboratory and Pathology Seattle Children's Hospital Dermatology TEAMMATES: 111 TOTAL POINTS: 19052  
RANK: 23 NAME: Think Green Resource Group TEAMS: Think Green TEAMMATES: 82 TOTAL POINTS: 17682  
RANK: 24 NAME: SUNY Adirondack TEAMS: ADK Bella Bee Green Let's Do This ADK Gaming Club Wise's Earth Warriors TEAMMATES: 23 TOTAL POINTS: 17590  
RANK: 25 NAME: Parsons TEAMS: PWR PRIDE BELONG HOLA -EBRG e-toastmasters BP Project Team S&R Eco-Warriors Team EMG LOVES ESG For What it's Earth Parsons Canada Enviros MILVET Parsons' Early Career Team! TEAMMATES: 100 TOTAL POINTS: 16955  
RANK: 26 NAME: Woodard & Curran TEAMS: Woodard & Curran: Team Air Woodard & Curran: Team Fire Woodard & Curran: Team Wood Woodard & Curran: Team Earth Woodard & Curran: Team Water TEAMMATES: 127 TOTAL POINTS: 16942  
RANK: 27 NAME: Voya TEAMS: The Hive Change2Sustain Ninja Saviours Miracle Workers Enterprise Data Mgmt. Change starts with ME Environmental Allstars! Claiming a Better Future TEAMMATES: 68 TOTAL POINTS: 16225  
RANK: 28 NAME: Heartland Community College TEAMS: Heartland Community College TEAMMATES: 62 TOTAL POINTS: 15005  
RANK: 29 NAME: AspenTech TEAMS: AspenTech TEAMMATES: 94 TOTAL POINTS: 14842  
RANK: 30 NAME: Siemens Mexico, Central America & Caribbean TEAMS: Siemens Mexico, Central America & Caribbean TEAMMATES: 62 TOTAL POINTS: 13486