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The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) span three dimensions of global commitments – environmental, social, and economic. Sustainability needs all of us – we're helping to make these goals a reality.
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Congratulations to everyone's efforts for the largest Earth Month Ecochallenge ever! See our collective impact:



Our Ecochallenge transforms the 17 SDGs into 5 categories of daily and one-time actions an individual can make.
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Earth Month Ecochallenge 2023: Sustainable Development Goals participants

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  • May 16 at 4:48 AM
    The challenge, more so than the actions was to log in each day, I forgot my password and did not get arround to registering my actions. Thank you for the focus to think about how we affect sustainability and what we can do to be more sustainable :)
  • May 7 at 1:19 PM
    I did not hit the mark on every item I had hoped to accomplish, but I did learn from others on this journey. It gives me hope for the future to see what other people are doing to make our world a better place. Thanks team.
  • May 4 at 9:42 AM
    It well prettyt well, all coworkers and families were happy and satisfied to bring their kids to the event, the union and time went smooth and fast. At the end, the general comment was that we need to do this more often!