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April 1 - April 30, 2021



Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
Rank: 31 Name: Twilio Teams: Twilio SG Team Twilio ATL Twilions Segment GTM Ops The Green Team Global Telecom Team Keep Colorado Green MunichEcoChallengers Twilio CT Escalations Flower Children of ESOD Twilio Programmable Voice teammates: 248 Total Points: 11165  
Rank: 32 Name: Alteryx Teams: Team APAC SE Alteryx - Alter.Eco teammates: 102 Total Points: 11127  
Rank: 33 Name: The University of Rhode Island Teams: Climate Busters (OCG123) teammates: 62 Total Points: 11087  
Rank: 34 Name: Bard College Teams: Bard College + Community teammates: 47 Total Points: 11008  
Rank: 35 Name: HP INC Teams: HP Costa Rica teammates: 38 Total Points: 9818  
Rank: 36 Name: Pepper Foster Consulting Teams: Pepper Foster MSP Pepper Foster PDX teammates: 27 Total Points: 9171  
Rank: 37 Name: SWCA, INC Teams: Reno SWCA FLG SWCA Pasadena Las Vegas SWCA teammates: 44 Total Points: 9168  
Rank: 38 Name: Drawdown Toronto Teams: DrawdownTO teammates: 16 Total Points: 9042  
Rank: 39 Name: Dufferin County Teams: Climate Action in Dufferin teammates: 44 Total Points: 8950  
Rank: 40 Name: Teams: Salesforce - EarthMonth2021 teammates: 78 Total Points: 8730  
Rank: 41 Name: Fairhaven Sustainability Committee Teams: Team SouthCoast Elizabeth Hastings Middle School teammates: 46 Total Points: 7970  
Rank: 42 Name: California State University Northridge Teams: E Team CSU Northridge teammates: 55 Total Points: 7934  
Rank: 43 Name: Oregon State University Teams: OSU Sustainability Assessment Team teammates: 39 Total Points: 7765  
Rank: 44 Name: Harper College Teams: HarperBio104 teammates: 16 Total Points: 7444  
Rank: 45 Name: SWCA Environmental Consultants Teams: SWCA Chicago SWCA San Diego SWCA Arlington/Tulsa teammates: 28 Total Points: 7237  
Rank: 46 Name: Mayo Clinic Teams: CTSU Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic Square Mayo Clinic - Kern Center Strategy to Execution Department teammates: 65 Total Points: 6953  
Rank: 47 Name: South Whidbey Elementary School-South Campus Teams: LaVassar 5th/6th Grade Science teammates: 90 Total Points: 6928  
Rank: 48 Name: York Community High School Teams: York Girls Volleyball teammates: 54 Total Points: 6538  
Rank: 49 Name: Community 2.0 Teams: Abbie's Pals Community 2.0 Poly Sustainability Club BrownTrout Creative Services teammates: 43 Total Points: 6352  
Rank: 50 Name: City & County of Denver Teams: CCD - Technology Services teammates: 17 Total Points: 6346  
Rank: 51 Name: CSU Long Beach Teams: CSU Long Beach teammates: 31 Total Points: 6181  
Rank: 52 Name: KEEN, Inc. Teams: KEEN teammates: 26 Total Points: 6094  
Rank: 53 Name: Sustain Dane Teams: Sustain Dane Community Pradaria - Credit Union Champions teammates: 65 Total Points: 6000  
Rank: 54 Name: Event Network Teams: Event Network teammates: 34 Total Points: 5713  
Rank: 55 Name: Southern Oregon University Teams: Southern Oregon University We Care about Earth teammates: 36 Total Points: 5624  
Rank: 56 Name: Cleveland Clinic Teams: Team Eco-Eliz Cleveland Clinic Sustainability teammates: 50 Total Points: 5611  
Rank: 57 Name: Daimler Teams: DTNA-East DTNA-West EcoBusters teammates: 59 Total Points: 5428  
Rank: 58 Name: Sustainable Wenatchee Teams: NCW Sustainable Community teammates: 17 Total Points: 5379  
Rank: 59 Name: Zoroastrian Association of Kentucky Ohio & Indiana Teams: ZAKOI teammates: 21 Total Points: 5161  
Rank: 60 Name: Allegheny County Teams: Allegheny County Employees teammates: 46 Total Points: 4999