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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
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To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Eliana Van Etten's avatar
    Eliana Van Etten 5/01/2024 11:00 AM
    Great Challenge! Started lots of new sustainable habits and will continue to rethink some actions.
    What did you learn in the webinar? Did anything surprise you?

    Brady Schacht's avatar
    Brady Schacht 4/29/2024 9:30 AM
    My apologies for the delayed comment here, but I found the Webinar very informative one of the most interesting facts that I learned was in regard to the biomass of mammals on earth. Did you know that 60% of the worlds mammalian biomass comes from livestock? and another 36% comes from humans? There is only another4% that comes from all other mammalian life on earth. I think that fact is both super interesting and super terrifying, thanks Ecochallenge!

  • Eliana Van Etten's avatar
    Eliana Van Etten 4/26/2024 1:13 PM
    I can't believe this is the last Friday of April. It went so quickly, yet, so much has been accomplished.
    Next week we will have one last in-person activity in celebration of Earth Month: Lunch & Learn with Western Disposal. Composting and recycling are still big challenges on our campus, come learn more and spread the knowledge.
    Tues, April 30th, in the White River Conference room! And, then, mark the completion of the team activity to earn some more points.
    Happy Friday,
    Land + Forests Keep My Community Clean
    How does the act of picking up litter connect you more to your community?

    Tonya Wyatt's avatar
    Tonya Wyatt 4/26/2024 8:18 AM
    During this challenge, I've been more aware of the little pieces of litter around me. It only takes a minute to pick it up and has made me feel really happy to be able to do a little thing to make the area around me more beautiful. I also saw a guy the other day walking his dog in a park and he picked up about 20 pieces of trash during his walk. I was impressed - I hadn't even noticed all the trash.

  • Eliana Van Etten's avatar
    Eliana Van Etten 4/24/2024 3:34 PM
    I had a great Cabbage Stir Fry vegetarian meal today at the Boulder Cafeteria. I didn't miss the meat and ate the whole thing.

    • Dina Lomagno's avatar
      Dina Lomagno 4/24/2024 4:03 PM
      Have you tried the Spring Roll in a bowl at home? So easy to make and you can do it without or without meat!

    • Rico Yao's avatar
      Rico Yao 4/24/2024 3:35 PM
      I love cabbage stir fry. It's easy to make but tasty.
    Action Track: Community Share and Promote Partners for Sustainability
    What was your contribution today?

    Eliana Van Etten's avatar
    Eliana Van Etten 4/24/2024 3:31 PM
    I signed up today for this app: "Too Good to Go". Their mission is to fight food waste, which according to trustworthy sources accounts for 1/3 of all food produced for human consumption. 1.3 billion tons/year = 1.3 x 10^12 kg of Food. The app connects you (consumer) to business that have surpluses that would go to waste. Businesses sell those at a cheaper price and everyone wins. The app just launched for the Boulder area. I am hoping it will stay and make an impact!

    • Therese Herzog's avatar
      Therese Herzog 4/24/2024 3:57 PM
      We had a backyard program in which volunteers collected excess backyard fruit if donated and would make sure it gets to people that need the fruit.
    Freshwater + Oceans Smart Seafood Choices
    Many states and countries have advisories on eating fish. Find out what is advised for your region. Do you think your diet choices fall within these guidelines? What steps do you need to take to make sure that they do?

    Brady Schacht's avatar
    Brady Schacht 4/23/2024 10:33 AM
    After researching this topic to a small degree, it seems clear to me that not all fish are the same in terms of their environmental impact. some types of fish are significantly more costly to farm than others (per gram of protein that we get from them.) According to, the worst offenders for the environment are catfish, lobster, and shrimp farms, whereas farms for shellfish and mollusks are typically significantly (almost 20x) better for the environment. As a result from this learning, I pledge right here and now to consume minimal catfish. lobster and shrimp going forward.,but%20they%20taste%20better%2C%20too.
    Biodiversity + Wildlife Endangered Species
    What endangered species did you learn about and what did you learn?

    Brady Schacht's avatar
    Brady Schacht 4/23/2024 9:48 AM
    I have been researching on the Colorado Parks & Wildlife threatened and endangered species list, and I was particularly focused on the amphibians and fish species (such as the Razorback Sucker or the Couch's Spadefoot) that are becoming endangered due to human development of dams and the various chemicals that we pump into freshwater streams. These dams block waterways that these fish and amphibians typically use for breeding/ inhabiting and the chemicals that we pump into their streams can disrupt their endocrine systems, which can cause infertility. While we cant do anything to disassemble various dams across Colorado (without endangering human lives/ homes) we can choose to not use endocrine disrupting chemicals to help out our fishy friends. These types of chemicals typically include things like pesticides, pharmaceuticals, plasticizers, cleaning agents, cosmetics, antibiotics, contraceptives, and illicit drugs, so when using these products be sure to check their contents before entering a waterway where these animals could be affected.
    Freshwater + Oceans Join a Cleanup Effort
    How does working with others to clean up your community make you feel? What results did you see? Please consider posting a photo of your cleanup!

    Kendall Decker's avatar
    Kendall Decker 4/23/2024 8:38 AM
    In honor of Earth day yesterday, I joined the neighborhood effort to clean up our local greenway! It was as easy as taking the dog for walk and bringing and bag (and a glove, some of that trash was nas-ty!) to pick up trash along the way. It was so easy and something I hope I will do every once in a while outside of an organized event!
    Land + Forests Zero Waste Day
    What was hard about having a Zero Waste Day? What did you learn about yourself and your habits?

    Kendall Decker's avatar
    Kendall Decker 4/23/2024 8:36 AM
    In honor of Earth Day yesterday, I attempted a zero waste day. I could not believe how hard it was! I was extremely confident going into the challenge that I was going to breeze through it, only to find myself going to the trash can again and again all day. It's easy to be conscious about obvious waste substitutes (such as using a reusable shopping bag instead of getting a paper or plastic one), but things like paper towels, dental floss, and grocery receipts (and even junk mail showing up in your mail box!) were killer. I also touched a lot of items that were "not waste yet", such as plastic fruit containers or milk cartons in my fridge that weren't empty yet. Sure they weren't trash at the moment, but it got me thinking about what other choices I could make to specifically reduce plastic waste in my home. Overall, it was an extremely eye opening experience and certainly made me more conscious of the waste I produce on an average day, let alone a bad one!!!