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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
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To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Ann Lloyd's avatar
    Ann Lloyd 4/11/2024 9:44 AM
    Already the 11th of April and still many actions to accomplish! I have signed up for a tree-planting community event and scheduled a sustainability lunch 'n learn. Expecting a beautiful weekend with warm temperatures to get outside and enjoy spring.

  • Chris Kasic's avatar
    Chris Kasic 4/11/2024 6:04 AM
    Cycled into work today. On the way, I met a woman who was cleaning up litter from a metro bike path. No promo, no hashtag, no fuss, no megaphone. Just doing her part for the last ten years cleaning up litter in a community space while getting her exercise. THAT is grass roots, and inspiring. Be the change you want to see in the world.
    Biodiversity + Wildlife Save the Bees
    What did you plant for bees in your area? Please consider uploading a photo!

    Ann Lloyd's avatar
    Ann Lloyd 4/10/2024 6:42 AM
    I planted joe pye weed, and it is amazing the number of bees that buzz when it is in bloom. It is alive with activity. It is a native species.

  • Ann Lloyd's avatar
    Ann Lloyd 4/09/2024 5:47 PM
    Congratulations to all Emerson's Environmental Sustainability award winners, especially our friends and coworkers at BMMC!!
    Land + Forests Choose Eco-Friendly Wood and Paper
    Beyond carbon sequestration, what other benefits do forests offer you personally?

    Ann Lloyd's avatar
    Ann Lloyd 4/08/2024 12:20 PM
    Providing habitat for 80% of the world's land-based creatures! I was pretty confident, but had to check our paper supply -- we are using sustainably sourced paper. We have also greatly reduced our department's paper usage in the past 18 months.
    Freshwater + Oceans Reduce Pollutants in Cleaning
    What did you learn about ingredients in our cleaning products and how they impact water and biodiversity? Did you try making your own cleaning products? If so, how did it go?

    Ann Lloyd's avatar
    Ann Lloyd 4/07/2024 2:24 PM
    My mother-in-law has been using water and vinegar for decades as her cleaning solution of choice. I haven't purchased them yet, but I like the idea of making my own multi-purpose cleaner with the tablets in a refillable glass bottle. I'm not the biggest fan of everything smelling like vinegar! Cedar and bergamot sounds better!

  • Ann Lloyd's avatar
    Ann Lloyd 4/07/2024 4:43 AM
    Week one of 2024 eco-challenge is in the record books! I'm seeing the most progress with decluttering without the landfill. On my Target run yesterday, I thought about packaging of potential purchases, and I resisted buying things I didn't need.

  • Wilmer Fernandez's avatar
    Wilmer Fernandez 4/06/2024 9:02 AM
    Great day to check out the migratory birds already in Minnesota; here is a Tree Swallow; some would winter all the way down to Costa Rica

    • Chad Blumeyer's avatar
      Chad Blumeyer 4/08/2024 9:57 AM
      Awesome pic... I love hearing the bird sounds again, now that spring is ready to pop around MN!

    • Ann Lloyd's avatar
      Ann Lloyd 4/06/2024 9:28 AM
      Lovely picture! So glad you are taking the challenge again this year Wilmer, and sharing your pictures with us!
    Climate + Air Stay on the Ground
    What was your process like for restructuring your trip? How can you avoid more air travel in the future?

    Ann Lloyd's avatar
    Ann Lloyd 4/05/2024 6:43 AM
    Well, technically I didn't have any flights planned for this Earth month. But I will find an opportunity to eliminate air travel in the coming year. I like the article linked to this one-time action and pulled out the quote: "In today's world, we're still socially rewarded for burning fossil fuels. We equate frequent flying with success; we rack up our miles. This is backward: Burning fossil fuels does real harm to the biosphere, to our children, and to countless generations -- and it should, therefore, be regarded as socially unacceptable."

    • Chad Blumeyer's avatar
      Chad Blumeyer 4/05/2024 11:40 AM
      Yeah, but the innovative achievement of flight by humans has been such a significant accomplishment! Within the past several decades it has drastically changed what's possible for time efficient, worldwide mobility. I can only hope that much less carbon intensive solutions for air travel can be identified and developed quickly.

  • Chris Kasic's avatar
    Chris Kasic 4/04/2024 11:47 AM
    I cycled into work today. If you live far away, consider a multi-mode commute. Bike to a park and ride or common area, and commute in with a colleague (several EMR employees have done this). Or drive with your bike in your vehicle to a location close to work, and cycle in a few miles. Whenever your schedule allows. Cycling Club website (see Rosewire/Employee Clubs) has a document for all bike-friendly approaches to Twin Cities locations. Or take the bus. SW Transit Bus stops close to all Twin Cities locations. And facilities for locker and shower in all Twin Cities locations! It's not hard with some planning, and between CO2, health benefits, and MN springtime, how can you resist?