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April 1 - April 30, 2023

Emerson Twin Cities


Driving actions together that make the world fairer and more sustainable

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  • March 22 at 3:31 PM
    I love sharing the Earth Month Ecochallenge with friends, family, business partners, anyone really because more often than not their reaction is "this is so cool!" and it is so cool! I love how sustainability is made actionable, and you get to see the quantitative impact of those actions by yourself and everyone else at the end....
  • March 21 at 12:39 PM
    Looking to compete against another team during Ecochallenge? Adding a photo is +15 points and a banner is +5 points! Team rankings are by total team points but also team average! Every team member effort counts!
  • March 14 at 2:49 PM
    We're 15 days out and the Emerson Twin Cities team already has 38 team members! Thank you everyone for joining the Twin Cities team! Don't forget browse the action categories and select a few to create new sustainable habits during April.
  • February 28 at 11:00 AM
    2023 ecochallenge it's part of our lifestyle at home. With the proper resources and support, it's easy to keep engaged every day. In 2022 I proved myself vermicomposting can be done the whole year in the garage (despite cold temperatures).
  • February 28 at 10:37 AM
    Joining this team because I'm moving to the Twin Cities in April.
  • February 25 at 6:00 PM
    I can't wait to see what kind of collective impact we can make this Earth Month!

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