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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
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To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

    Freshwater + Oceans Reduce Pollutants in Cleaning
    What did you learn about ingredients in our cleaning products and how they impact water and biodiversity? Did you try making your own cleaning products? If so, how did it go?

    Kimberly Brewton's avatar
    Kimberly Brewton 4/30/2024 8:13 PM
    I learned that there are even micro plastics in laundry soap which I would never have guessed. And of course that ends up in our waterways and affects wildlife and us eventually. The biggest aha moment I had was related to using aerosols. They often cause eye, nose and throat irritation, which explains why my throat would feels scratchy whenever I used spray deodorant or dry shampoo. I’m glad I made the change away from them! I didn’t read up on it in time for this cleaning, but when I use my carpet cleaner again, I want to try out a natural recipe instead of the official soap. I saw in one of the articles that the soap is rated as very unsafe.
    Land + Forests 30 for 30 in Nature
    What have you noticed about how it feels to spend consistent time outside?

    Kimberly Brewton's avatar
    Kimberly Brewton 4/30/2024 6:58 PM
    I didn’t spend time outside as consistently as I thought I would at the start of the challenge. But when I did spend time outside, I always felt connectedness in one way or another. Whether it was appreciating my neighbors and the way their tree gives shade to my yard to the point that I think of it as my tree too (the light filters through that tree so beautifully!). To my dog stopping to greet all people we pass by and we have a good chat. And appreciating my town and how walkable it is. And going to the park and seeing all the other people out and about also enjoying the day, often with their dogs too.
    Land + Forests Explore My Area
    Where did you go for your walk or hike in nature? What were the benefits of doing so?

    Kimberly Brewton's avatar
    Kimberly Brewton 4/30/2024 5:35 PM
    My dog Lily and I usually walk around the same parts of the neighborhood and I am pretty sure she has mapped out our immediate area to the point she would know how to come back home if she ever got loose. But with this challenge we widened our area and found a new route to our closest park. We also went to a new park where I saw beautiful old trees that I can tell are respected and well kept by the city because of how old they are. How often do you see old trees with mulch around them and the grass well tended when it is right next to woods? And we finally went to the biggest park near us and have been exploring its trails. Lily loves that one that most now and I admit I love it too for all the great views! I love that adventures we have together and how it helps us bond. I plan to keep it up by taking her to a huge preserve in another city that is maintained by a university. They have a section dedicated to pine trees and those are Lily’s favorite. So that is where we will go for our first trip there.

  • Elizabeth Cheng's avatar
    Elizabeth Cheng 4/30/2024 7:14 AM
    Through this month, I learned a lot about plastics recycling. Interesting pierce in WP with the information that 5% plastics is recycled. My family will continue to look at different ways we can reduce plastics use.

    WP/subscriber wall

  • Francis Staskon's avatar
    Francis Staskon 4/30/2024 6:38 AM
    Wrote letter to Il State Treasurer to suppor climate accountability of oil & gas companies

  • Francis Staskon's avatar
    Francis Staskon 4/30/2024 6:37 AM
    Wrote letter to Rep S. Casten to defend against anti-public land attacks by fossil fuel companies.

  • Liz Winteridge's avatar
    Liz Winteridge 4/30/2024 4:14 AM
    I wish I had given greater priority, here's to next year

  • Kimberly Brewton's avatar
    Kimberly Brewton 4/29/2024 7:17 PM
    The native plants I wanted from my local nursery won’t be ready for pick up until later in the summer, but I wanted to share the start I made on the moon garden using other low-water plants with placeholders for the native ones I’ll add later. I can’t wait until they are all established and grow!

  • AIMEE  DANCER's avatar
    AIMEE DANCER 4/29/2024 8:06 AM
    I spent the weekend exploring in Sedona. For such a highly visited area it was so nice to see very little trace. In two days, I did not see a single piece of litter or other unwelcome items like graffiti on rock formations/caves or carvings in trees.

    • Elizabeth Cheng's avatar
      Elizabeth Cheng 4/30/2024 7:18 AM
      Sedona is one of my fav places!

    • Gayle Senn's avatar
      Gayle Senn 4/29/2024 6:09 PM
      Absolutely wonderful being able to explore and enjoy your time without trash or vandalism! Beautiful pictures Aimee! Thank you for sharing these beautiful places with us this month!

    • Mihály Varga's avatar
      Mihály Varga 4/29/2024 8:39 AM
      Beautiful place, I hope it was fun. :)

  • Brittany Lochstampfor's avatar
    Brittany Lochstampfor 4/28/2024 4:02 PM
    My family saved a turtle that had been painted red. She will be getting the paint cleaned off and released. Painting wildlife hurts them!

    • Gayle Senn's avatar
      Gayle Senn 4/28/2024 8:50 PM
      A true act of kindness and care for animals in nature!! Thank you!!

    • Meg Aleria's avatar
      Meg Aleria 4/28/2024 4:09 PM
      Thanks for saving a life!!! Bless you and your family!