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April 1 - April 30, 2024

Unity EarthCare

Unity Worldwide Ministry

Unity EarthCare Ministry promotes active care of all creation by cultivating a comprehensive earth-oriented spirituality that touches ALL both spiritually and in practical actions.


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  • April 30 at 7:48 AM
    Plastic is my main source of waste although I've lowered it substantially. It was a GREAT exercise and I plan to continue to do again to see how I'm progressing. It means less times to the trash can! I also have noticed that when I take steps, others notice even if I don't say anything. I am a difference and You too make a difference.
  • April 30 at 7:44 AM
    Storm water can be reduced by using rain barrels to collect roof top runoff and then use the water for our property gardens.
  • April 30 at 7:43 AM
    Well! Sometimes it takes a bit to remember to bring a reusable water bottle or bag, BUT I've GOT it now! It's a strange concept to some because they think - I can recycle that BUT the best to not to use in the 1st place. I have again enjoy the EcoChallenge this April and tomorrow is a new month and the play and work continues!
  • April 30 at 7:40 AM
    Our EarthCare team requested a rain barrel to collect rain water from our building's rooftop. We plan to use the water for our gardens. I called our utility company and reviewed our building's water and storm water usage, and learned last summer our water usage increased from 3,000 gallons/quarter to 12,000 gallons. Therefore we are hoping to...
  • April 30 at 7:34 AM
    I have a lot to learn about what plastic wrappings are recyclable. On June 11th, our Unity of Appleton Church will be hosting a tour at our local recyclying center to learn more.
  • April 30 at 7:32 AM
    Eco gifts i.e. composting garbage bags, stainless steel straws, reusable water containers, laundry soap sheets, were provided to all members, after Sunday's service, which reviewed this past month's accomplished EcoChallenge activities.
  • April 30 at 7:23 AM
    Did an energy audit at home and learned that there are easy, inexpensive ways to save energy. In some ways it's by using mindfulness that I become aware of where I'm using the energy. The websites through "Learn More" where a great resource.
  • April 30 at 7:18 AM
    This is it, the last day of the challenge and although other days I've gotten close, I haven't been able to do a Zero Waste Day! Today is the day! I compost most "waste", it's the plastic I can't get around! I was excited to find a shipping store that takes boxes and packing materials. I don't have lots but I neighbor gets a few from...
  • April 30 at 7:05 AM
    When I am eating mindfully, I am fully immersed with the food that I am taking into my body. I am thankful and then more aware of what "went into" the meal. I will not waste, I will be grateful and therefore honor that which gave to me. I am a vegan, one, of many reasons is becoming mindful when eating.
  • April 25 at 7:27 AM
    I discovered new nature trails outside of Madison, and grounded myself by walking barefoot, as well as practicing Tai Chi in barefeet. Also enjoyed identifying new birds I have never noticed before.

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