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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

    Land + Forests Personal Waste Audit
    What are the results of your waste audit and what did you learn? How can you reduce your waste going forward?

    Geraldine Gay's avatar
    Geraldine Gay 4/30/2024 9:02 AM
    I had a very good discussion with Lucie about this topic (thanks again for that !). Because I have the feeling to do a lot of thing to reduce my waste but never enough. And she told me everything is about finding your limit, which is really clever and I keep that in mind while doing my waste audit ! In the kitchen, I realise that we still waste a lot of food... I tried several times to plan my meal, but realising now how much food we waste, I will do my best to be more consistent in the planning. I also made an audit in the bathroom, and realised that I have a lot of products in double, but still buy new sometimes. Now I have a good inventory in my mind, and will think think twice before buying new products !
    Land + Forests Zero Waste Day
    What was hard about having a Zero Waste Day? What did you learn about yourself and your habits?

    Geraldine Gay's avatar
    Geraldine Gay 4/30/2024 8:56 AM
    Spoiler alert : I failed ! This is so difficult. There is so much waste everywhere. I feel like I need to buy more in bulk and to increase home-made (specially for my daugher's snack). I think the waste audit should help !
    Action Track: Community Plant Trees
    How is planting trees good for your mental, physical, and spiritual health?

    Sinziana Muresan's avatar
    Sinziana Muresan 4/30/2024 4:33 AM
    Last day of EcoChallenge and last reflection. When planting trees, you leave a mark behind for quite some time. You see the result of your work and you can teach younger generations about the heritage you left behind.

  • Oana Onet's avatar
    Oana Onet 4/30/2024 1:38 AM
    Hello La Team! J'espère que vous avez passé un bon mois avec le défi ! Pour moi, ce fut une expérience formidable et pleine de « moments de prise de conscience ». J'ai vraiment apprécié de voir vos actions et vos commentaires ! Et j'espère que nous pourrons toujours poursuivre nos actions et nos attitudes Echolo ! Et n'oubliez pas que malgré nos différences, nous avons tous une chose en commun : cette Terre ! “The Earth is what we all have in common.”—Wendell Berry"

  • Oana Onet's avatar
    Oana Onet 4/30/2024 1:32 AM
    Last day of this challenge! I would have a lot to say but I have to admit that for me, it was a great challenge, I was more involved and aware in things than the last time I did a challenge like this! I have learned how to buy without buying plastic bags , less consuming, how to dispose the cooking oil when necessary, how to enjoy the present moment in nature and all the benefits within! It's interesting how my mentality changed in time (this month and not only), about respecting nature , what offers to us, how to preserve it and take care of it! I will continue to be more involved and aware of my daily behavior and trying to improve each day a little more! And in the end, even if we are all so different and diverse i totally agree with this statement “The Earth is what we all have in common.”—Wendell Berry" Without exception!!
    Climate + Air Low Carbon Diet
    Which high carbon foods will you eat less of, and what are some low carbon options you'll choose instead?

    Pascal FRAGNON's avatar
    Pascal FRAGNON 4/29/2024 11:30 PM
    I've reduce the quantity of meat , especially red one
    Action Track: Community Join a Cleanup Effort
    How does working with others to clean up your community make you feel? What results did you see? Please consider posting a photo of your cleanup!

    Geraldine Gay's avatar
    Geraldine Gay 4/26/2024 2:43 PM
    I challenged the Emerson running team beginning of the month : one run = one trash picked up from the ground ! This was also working by walking your dog or kids 😜 Some of them played the game ! I personally did it on a daily basis, while running or walking my dog. I used to see those waste on the ground, but didn’t do anything about it because why should I pick up others trash ? Now I feel very proud to show the example to my daughter and raise awareness around me, and will keep this habit. This is the hummingbird effect !
    Biodiversity + Wildlife Beauty and Personal Products
    What new insights did you gain about the skincare products you use? Did you reach out to advocate for refillable or recyclable packaging?

    Geraldine Gay's avatar
    Geraldine Gay 4/26/2024 2:21 PM
    I’ve made the inventory of skincare products that I used, and look for ways to reduce their numbers and even found good alternatives with recyclable packaging, after some research!

    • Glenda Harrison's avatar
      Glenda Harrison 4/26/2024 2:37 PM
      Congratulations! I find myself using less these days, and I am careful to use less packaging too, but I'm also careful of what is in the products I purchase!

  • Oana Onet's avatar
    Oana Onet 4/24/2024 7:48 AM
    We are part of the change! Our small actions this month can show an example that the change is possible and we can make others join this world change!

  • Delphine Tounzi's avatar
    Delphine Tounzi 4/24/2024 2:44 AM
    Did you know that France has the secong largest maritime space in the world ? That's why it is so important that we increase our protected ocean areas. As of today, there are 568 areas protected which represents 22% of the total space as of 2019, with a target to increase to 30%. Knowing that we have such a huge maritime spce makes me think that we also have a huge responsibility in managing those protected areas.

    • Fabrizio Riva's avatar
      Fabrizio Riva 4/27/2024 10:31 AM
      Yes, and it's mainly in remote areas full of marine life!

    • Raissa Fermin's avatar
      Raissa Fermin 4/24/2024 2:59 AM
      Whoa, I did not know. Thank you for sharing this nugget of knowledge, and I hope that more countries do the same.