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team competitions

Who doesn’t like a little friendly competition? The teams below have challenged each other.
Regardless of the winning team, it’s a win for the planet.

Want to throw in your hat? Create a team today.

CHALLENGER: Woodard & Curran: Team Earth Challenger Team Members: 35 Challenger Points: 6027 Winning?: VS. CHALLENGED: Woodard & Curran: Team Water Challenged Team Members: 26 Challenged Points: 3185 Winning?:  
CHALLENGER: Planttrees Challenger Team Members: 1 Challenger Points: 1400 Winning?: VS. CHALLENGED: Sustainable Houston Challenged Team Members: 3 Challenged Points: 3822 Winning?:  
CHALLENGER: Emerson Corporate Accounting Challenger Team Members: 9 Challenger Points: 881 Winning?: VS. CHALLENGED: Emerson Corporate Sustainability Challenged Team Members: 8 Challenged Points: 3946 Winning?:  
CHALLENGER: ConnectGreen Challenger Team Members: 7 Challenger Points: 1820 Winning?: VS. CHALLENGED: SAVE SOIL Challenged Team Members: 112 Challenged Points: 6186 Winning?:  
CHALLENGER: Let's go Challenger Team Members: 1 Challenger Points: 600 Winning?: VS. CHALLENGED: Eco Champ Challenged Team Members: 11 Challenged Points: 7330 Winning?:  
CHALLENGER: Emerson Greening of EU FCV Challenger Team Members: 125 Challenger Points: 21631 Winning?: VS. CHALLENGED: Emerson Greening of EU France Challenged Team Members: 35 Challenged Points: 8262 Winning?:  
CHALLENGER: red hook sunrise movement Challenger Team Members: 9 Challenger Points: 1057 Winning?: VS. CHALLENGED: Bard Raptors Protect Our Ecosystem Challenged Team Members: 58 Challenged Points: 9406 Winning?:  
CHALLENGER: Deloitte Sacramento Challenger Team Members: 20 Challenger Points: 12284 Winning?: VS. CHALLENGED: Deloitte Pacific Northwest Challenged Team Members: 39 Challenged Points: 9711 Winning?:  
CHALLENGER: CSUCI Challenger Team Members: 32 Challenger Points: 10256 Winning?: VS. CHALLENGED: 2023 CPFM EcoChallenge Challenged Team Members: 19 Challenged Points: 10157 Winning?:  
CHALLENGER: U.S. Bank & Elavon Team Europe Challenger Team Members: 38 Challenger Points: 11145 Winning?: VS. CHALLENGED: U.S. Bank Challenged Team Members: 196 Challenged Points: 18088 Winning?:  
CHALLENGER: Emerson EEEC I&II India Challenger Team Members: 118 Challenger Points: 26038 Winning?: VS. CHALLENGED: Emerson - GEC - INDIA Challenged Team Members: 144 Challenged Points: 40701 Winning?: