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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Melody Pollock's avatar
    Melody Pollock 5/01/2024 10:58 AM
    I learned a lot about local bees. I have been wanting start keeping bees for a few years now and this challenge got me closer to that goal
    Land + Forests Compost Food Waste
    New to composting? Be sure to check out the action resource links to learn tips and more about it. As you transition from throwing food away to composting, what do you notice about how much you are tossing? How will you use your compost once it is ready?

    Mike Marxen's avatar
    Mike Marxen 4/30/2024 10:51 PM
    In our two person household we only have garbage pick up once per month in a smaller bin. The last several months the bin has been only about half full so I find myself looking around for garbage to put in on the day before pick up. I don't find much as most of our waste goes into the recycling stream/bin or into our compost bins. We do have boxes in the garage for specialty recycling but that is an easy tradeoff when you believe in recycling. We are not alone as we saw long lines of people with specialty recycling ( not curbside) at a recent recycling event at PCC Rock Creek. I was happy to see so many similar minded people! We have so many happy worms from all the food, paper and organic waste we place in our compost bins. Compost Happens!

  • Mike Marxen's avatar
    Mike Marxen 4/30/2024 10:36 PM
    I now carry a bag in my pocket to pick up litter. The routes I walk will be clean.

  • Nicole Crandall's avatar
    Nicole Crandall 4/30/2024 9:28 PM
    This has been a great activity in learning more about our communities and environments.
    Biodiversity + Wildlife Beauty and Personal Products
    What new insights did you gain about the skincare products you use? Did you reach out to advocate for refillable or recyclable packaging?

    Nicole Crandall's avatar
    Nicole Crandall 4/30/2024 9:22 PM
    I try not to use skin care products because there are rally no regulations on them as I know of. I did not get a chance to reach this week
    Climate + Air Consume only Needs vs Wants
    Consuming only what we need vs. what we want can be really hard to do. What has been challenging about committing to this action for a month? What have you learned about yourself? Will you change any habits going forward?

    anna Jones's avatar
    anna Jones 4/30/2024 6:21 PM
    I thought this was a great challenge because it really made me think about the number of things I was consuming, and I tried especially hard to keep that in mind as I shopped and went out to try and reduce how much I bought as much as possible. I found myself consuming a lot few packaged goods and excess things as I focused on this goal. I definitely want to try and keep this up as I go forward as well.

    • Aleksandra Jalinskas's avatar
      Aleksandra Jalinskas 4/30/2024 6:29 PM
      Completely agree! One of my favorite things about ecochallenge more broadly is that I feel as though it provides me with the time to reflect and be intentional on my personal sustainability impact and actions

  • Shannon Mellon's avatar
    Shannon Mellon 4/30/2024 1:11 PM
    By eating vegan meals twice a week, disposing cooking oil properly, and using reusable bags, i contributed to personal health, environmental sustainability, and resource conservation. This combination promoted reduced consumption of animal products, helped prevent clogging of drains and water pollution from improper disposal of cooking oil, and minimized plastic waste from single-use bags. Overall, these actions reflected a conscious effort towards a healthier lifestyle, eco-friendly practices, and a more sustainable future. I plan to continue !
    Action Track: Community Volunteer in my Community
    How does volunteering enhance your community and/or change your relationship with it?

    Rachel Maxwell's avatar
    Rachel Maxwell 4/30/2024 11:26 AM
    Volunteering helps me feel more connected to my surrounding community, and the different individuals within it. It also gives me purpose and motivation to help those surrounding me in the betterment of our community as a whole.

  • Abigail Robles's avatar
    Abigail Robles 4/30/2024 12:11 AM
    Took my dog on a walk today through my neighbor's hazelnut farm at sunset. Was beautiful. Got to hear lots of birds and bask in the sun as I sat in between one of the rows and listened to some other school work. Just because one is busy does not mean one can't find a way to integrate nature just requires a bit of forethought and creativity!
    Biodiversity + Wildlife Seek Alternative Gifts and Souvenirs
    How do your consumption choices affect the health of wildlife and other communities?

    Ei-Shah Pirtle-Boise's avatar
    Ei-Shah Pirtle-Boise 4/29/2024 11:17 PM
    I feel like there is a domino affect with every product that we have and use, even on a day to day basis. Everything that we use, purchace, consume; are most likely being created by low-income BIPOC communities who are working in harsh conditions for mere penny's a day. I always try to buy local, traditional trades with some of my fellow Indigenous artists , and always supporting small BIPOC businesses, because I know that my money is going towards something good, not just towards the capitalistic world.