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Carlisle Eco-Challenge 2024 Feed


Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Shelley Pinckney's avatar
    Shelley Pinckney 4/30/2024 9:04 PM
    Thank you for putting this challenge out to make us aware of what we are doing and how we can reverse what we've done.

  • Shelley Pinckney's avatar
    Shelley Pinckney 4/30/2024 9:03 PM
    Today I read that a very large portion of our donated clothes are shipped overseas because they have so much donated. 70 % of the world wears only second-hand clothes according to Kristy Caylor, Trashie founder and CEO. The US is the world's largest contributor of second-hand clothing with the majority of it going to Latin America and Africa.
    Trashie is a company that provides "Take Back Bags" for $20 each. You can even add torn or stained clothes. In return you will receive "Trashie cash"
    Land + Forests Personal Waste Audit
    What are the results of your waste audit and what did you learn? How can you reduce your waste going forward?

    Shelley Pinckney's avatar
    Shelley Pinckney 4/30/2024 8:46 PM
    I did my waste audit today. I had a small amount of trash. I put my egg shells and banana peel in my compost pile. I was able to put a few items in the recycling bin.

    Going forward, I will try to be more responsible about what I buy so my family doesn't contribute so much to our township's landfill.

    It's quite eye opening to just how much waste is produced by one person in one day even when you are aware of it. We need to do better.
    Biodiversity + Wildlife Plastic in Clothing and Water
    How did you try to catch the release of microplastics in your laundry? What did you learn in the process?

    Shelley Pinckney's avatar
    Shelley Pinckney 4/30/2024 8:33 PM
    I have a filter ordered. It just hasn't arrived yet. I think I'm going to be surprised as to how much plastic is actually in our clothing.
    Biodiversity + Wildlife Invest in Nature
    What did you learn about how investing can support the environment and create a more sustainable world?

    Shelley Pinckney's avatar
    Shelley Pinckney 4/30/2024 8:29 PM
    By investing in companies that want to preserve our environment, we can conserve and bring back our waters and land. We'll need everyone to invest in our communities as well as making sure people are educated in order to achieve this goal.
    Land + Forests Explore My Area
    Where did you go for your walk or hike in nature? What were the benefits of doing so?

    Alicia Hoone's avatar
    Alicia Hoone 4/30/2024 2:52 PM
    I took a hike on the Sheepskin trail and it was so beautiful. Along the river where I was hiking there is a Bald Eagle nest you can see. Its truly breath taking. The benefit of going on walks/hikes can improve your health and also you can see some pretty amazing sites.
    Land + Forests Zero Waste Day
    What was hard about having a Zero Waste Day? What did you learn about yourself and your habits?

    Alicia Hoone's avatar
    Alicia Hoone 4/30/2024 2:50 PM
    With having a young child it is very difficult in my household to have a Zero Waste Day.
    Freshwater + Oceans Smart Seafood Choices
    Many states and countries have advisories on eating fish. Find out what is advised for your region. Do you think your diet choices fall within these guidelines? What steps do you need to take to make sure that they do?

    Alicia Hoone's avatar
    Alicia Hoone 4/30/2024 2:49 PM
    I only have fish/seafood on rare occasions. When I do have fish/seafood is mostly shrimp. Cutting down on that probably wouldn't effect me too much.
    Climate + Air Calculate My Carbon Impact
    Where in your life do you emit the most carbon? What change are you willing to make in your daily life to reduce this output?

    Alicia Hoone's avatar
    Alicia Hoone 4/30/2024 1:19 PM
    Driving back and forth to pick my daughter up before work. My mom has started to drop my daughter off in the mornings before she goes to work since it is on her way.
    Biodiversity + Wildlife Volunteer in my Community
    How does volunteering enhance your community and/or change your relationship with it?

    Alicia Hoone's avatar
    Alicia Hoone 4/30/2024 1:17 PM
    You get to meet new and exciting people. Form relationships with people that could change your life for the better and vice versa