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Biodiversity + Wildlife

Invest in Nature

A healthy world needs both our daily actions and support from larger systems. I will spend 60 minutes learning about how I can use my investments and savings to advance environmental sustainability.


Land + Forests

Compost Food Waste

Food in the landfill is one of the main sources of greenhouse gasses. I will avoid sending up to .69 lbs (.31 kg) of food waste to the landfill per day by composting my food.


Action Track: Community

Keep My Community Clean

At times it may not feel like it's up to us to keep our community clean and healthy, but we all have a role to play. Each day I am outside, I will pick up any litter I see.


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    Land + Forests Compost Food Waste
    New to composting? Be sure to check out the action resource links to learn tips and more about it. As you transition from throwing food away to composting, what do you notice about how much you are tossing? How will you use your compost once it is ready?

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    Mike Marxen 4/30/2024 10:51 PM
    In our two person household we only have garbage pick up once per month in a smaller bin. The last several months the bin has been only about half full so I find myself looking around for garbage to put in on the day before pick up. I don't find much as most of our waste goes into the recycling stream/bin or into our compost bins. We do have boxes in the garage for specialty recycling but that is an easy tradeoff when you believe in recycling. We are not alone as we saw long lines of people with specialty recycling ( not curbside) at a recent recycling event at PCC Rock Creek. I was happy to see so many similar minded people! We have so many happy worms from all the food, paper and organic waste we place in our compost bins. Compost Happens!

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    Mike Marxen 4/30/2024 10:36 PM
    I now carry a bag in my pocket to pick up litter. The routes I walk will be clean.
    Biodiversity + Wildlife Invest in Nature
    What did you learn about how investing can support the environment and create a more sustainable world?

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    Mike Marxen 4/28/2024 9:31 AM
    I find it hopeful that so many businesses do care about the Environment, Social issues and Good Governance (ESG) Morgan Stanley has an ESG rating system for many companies so one can see where organizations fall on the scale from Laggard to Leader. More importantly I have been learning about Impact investing which evaluates companies on more than ESG criteria. Here is a brief description:

    Action Track: Community Keep My Community Clean
    How does the act of picking up litter connect you more to your community?

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    Mike Marxen 4/28/2024 9:12 AM
    On my walk today I started picking up litter. I really got into it and was competitive with my partner who was also picking up litter. Our hands were soon full. Luckily, we found a plastic bag on the ground to put our litter in. It felt really good to clean up our own neighborhood and it was a reminder to bring a trash bag on every walk.