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Prem Mani

HP Inc. India Sustainability Team

"To protect, improve, and restore the environment through regulation, scientific knowledge, and working with others."


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Land + Forests

Plant Trees

Trees capture carbon and produce oxygen that is essential to life on earth. I will support this important piece of nature by organizing or joining a community group to plant 10 native trees in my community, public parks, office location, campus or backyard.


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    Prem Mani 2/20/2024 8:42 PM
    EcoChallenge helps you to create change that is good for you and for the planet. However, changing our habits is difficult, even when we believe we should and want to make a change. Our brains are wired to work as efficiently as possible, and habits help them do that.

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    Prem Mani 2/20/2024 10:29 AM
    Climate action is everyone's responsibility.