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Brandon Channell

Comerica Michigan Green Team

"Challenge yourself to change the world"

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Brandon 's Actions

Climate & Ecosystems

Participate in Comerica's Master of Sustainability Awareness Program

I will sign up for Comerica's Master of Sustainability Awareness Program and will work on my MSA Seedling level certification (or higher certifications for existing MSA participants).

One-Time Action

Health & Equity

Spend Time Outside

SDG #3 Health & Well-Being

I will replace 30 minute(s) per day typically spent inside (computer time, watching television, etc.) with quality time outside exercising, enjoying the sunrise/sunset, gardening, journaling, or practicing gratitude for nature.



  • Reflection Question
    Health & Equity Spend Time Outside
    What are the implications for a culture that spends most of its time inside and on screens?

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    Brandon Channell 4/29/2022 10:09 AM
    Lack of human interaction and physical activity

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    Brandon Channell 4/07/2022 12:58 PM
    Article talking about how naughty avocados strike again!
    Delicious, Yes. Sustainable, no.

    When you think about Avocados what is the first thing your think of? Guacamole? Avocado toast?
    WRONG!!! The first thing that you should thinking about is the enormous amounts of water that is required to relieve Americas ever growing desire for the Fruit.

    Not only is the popularity of avocados expediting climate change, but also increases gang violence and cartel presence in places Avocados are grown.

    After reading this article it has made me rethink the breakfast routine, and skip the delicious Avocado toast.  

    Disturbing consequences of eating avocados (

    • Mari-Lynn Flaig's avatar
      Mari-Lynn Flaig 4/08/2022 5:27 AM
      This is great! We are avocado free at our house because they are poisonous to our parrots. Coffee is another thing that can kill a pet. I only get either when I am eating out. Have you read the article on Honeycrisp apples and why they are waterhogs? Those things are killing the apple industry...