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  • Hitesh shah's avatar
    Hitesh shah 5/01/2022 6:50 PM
    Live a simple life , eat natural foods and avoid manufactured foods, exercise regularly, sleep well and do not waste natural resources . Above all breathe correctly. 
  • Reflection Question
    Economy & Communities Create A Readiness Plan
    What was it like to create a readiness plan? Did you find other resources you could share?

    Rajesh Narasimhan's avatar
    Rajesh Narasimhan 4/30/2022 7:52 PM
    Lot of information that were useful and wouldn't have thought off in case of emergency was available. Gave a new perspective of how to be ready when a situation occurs.
  • Reflection Question
    Basic Needs & Security Reduce Animal Product Consumption
    What was the tastiest meatless or vegan meal you ever had or had recently? Did you make it? Can you share a recipe?

    Rajesh Narasimhan's avatar
    Rajesh Narasimhan 4/30/2022 7:45 PM
    Indian spicy sauce with eggplant on white rice was the vegan meal I had today. 
  • Reflection Question
    Education & Livelihood Research Impact Investing
    After learning more about investing, how can you increase positive impacts and decrease negative impacts?

    Sam Mulholland's avatar
    Sam Mulholland 4/30/2022 12:01 PM
    I can increase positive impacts by investing in companies/funds that align with my values, socially and morally. In the long run the financial value is the same so I might as well invest aligned with my values

  • Chi Ling Moy's avatar
    Chi Ling Moy 4/30/2022 5:34 AM
    It’s the last day of the challenge and it has certainly helped me be more mindful of the earth, its gifts, and how precious and complicated it is. Everything is woven together and are interconnected. I’m grateful for it all!

    Here is one last haiku, written by my husband, to finish off this time with this community that sums it up for me so well. 

    I wish everyone the best as we continue to pursue peace and health for ourselves and our world.

    April 30 haiku by Ping Moy

    Only in dark night
    Can I gaze the Milky Way
    My home in the stars

  • Seth Krause's avatar
    Seth Krause 4/30/2022 2:41 AM
    Last day, team!! Finish strong!

  • Chi Ling Moy's avatar
    Chi Ling Moy 4/29/2022 5:03 PM
    I’m considering eliminating legumes from my diet because of the lectins they contain. It’s controversial—I’ve read pros and cons on the internet so it’s hard to figure it out. 

  • Chi Ling Moy's avatar
    Chi Ling Moy 4/29/2022 4:55 PM
    The orange sunset was beautiful off the bay today. 

  • Chi Ling Moy's avatar
    Chi Ling Moy 4/29/2022 4:54 PM
    April 29 haiku

    The grey morning dove
    Twittering and fluttering 
    A spot for a nest!

  • Reflection Question
    Health & Equity Learn About Equitable Food Access
    How is food equity and access linked to a sustainable future?

    Jennifer Bankie's avatar
    Jennifer Bankie 4/29/2022 9:57 AM
    I hadn't known that much of the CAFOs in the US produce extensive air pollution and that these tend to be located in poorer areas. I attended a presentation this week that highlighted this fact. I don't think the average person is at all familiar with the link between air quality and CAFOs. This might encourage more people to become vegetarian/vegan.