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April 1 - April 30, 2021

Walgreens Development Team Feed

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  • Reflection Question
    Food, Agriculture, and Land Use Learn the Truth About Expiration Dates
    How does knowing the difference between use by, sell by, and best by dates empower you to make better decisions?

    Amanda Bierle's avatar
    Amanda Bierle 4/19/2021 2:28 PM
    The dates on food are for quality and not for safety. Food products are safe to consume past the date on the label and the quality of food should be evaluated prior to consuming and not relying on the dates.
  • Reflection Question
    Industry Learn About & Practice Sustainable Fashion
    How can you express your personality, creativity, and values in ways that don't require fast fashion or buying more clothes and accessories?

    Megan Skluzacek's avatar
    Megan Skluzacek 4/19/2021 11:54 AM
    Its always an option to find new ways to combine your outfits, even when they may be considered "out of season". If you are sewing inclined, you could even create different outfits or garments used from up-cycling other clothing!
  • Reflection Question
    Electricity Choose LED Bulbs
    Changing lightbulbs is an excellent first step toward energy efficiency! What's next for you?

    Amanda Bierle's avatar
    Amanda Bierle 4/19/2021 11:28 AM
    Some next steps are turning off lights in unoccupied rooms and avoid turning them on and off. In addition, unplugging unused gadgets around the house (i.e. small kitchen appliances, chargers, entertainment systems, etc.)
  • Reflection Question
    Electricity Watch a Video about Methane Digesters
    What does your vision of a sustainable community look like? What would need to be changed in order for such vision to become reality?

    Megan Skluzacek's avatar
    Megan Skluzacek 4/19/2021 11:26 AM
    I've been seeing a lot more houses in my neighborhood installing solar panels on their roofs, and I would love to see the majority of my community do the same!
  • Reflection Question
    Transportation Use Muscle Power
    How do your transportation choices affect your engagement in your community? Does your experience or enjoyment differ while walking, riding transit, biking or driving?

    Tim Harris 's avatar
    Tim Harris 4/19/2021 6:22 AM
    I'm fortunate enough to live in a very walkable neighborhood. I can walk to stores, restaurants, and the lake. As long as as the weather is favorable its very enjoyable to walk to my nearby destination. Its much less stressful than driving and dealing with traffic. 
  • Reflection Question
    Buildings Install a Low-Flow Showerhead
    What would a sustainable water future in your region look like? What needs to change?

    Jeffrey Johnson's avatar
    Jeffrey Johnson 4/05/2021 11:12 AM
    More efficient usage and capture of water for reuse and treatment.  Less wasteful usage, more efficient appliances integrating technology, and newer systems to help capture wastewater to treat and reuse it in a local environment.
  • Reflection Question
    Coastal, Ocean, and Engineered Sinks Smart Seafood Choices
    Many states and countries have advisories on eating fish. Find out what is advised for your region. Do you think your diet choices fall within these guidelines? What steps do you need to take to make sure that they do?

    Tim Harris 's avatar
    Tim Harris 4/02/2021 11:47 AM
    I can do better to follow the guidelines that were outlined on the website. I did see the list of current recommendations for fish. I'm going to check my local supermarket for some to try. 

  • Jeffrey Johnson's avatar
    Jeffrey Johnson 3/29/2021 1:43 PM
    Picked all my Challenge Actions!  Can't wait to see yours Dev Team!
  • Reflection Question
    Buildings Replace Manual Thermostats
    How do you anticipate replacing your thermostats for smart ones will positively impact your life?

    Lacey Windschitl's avatar
    Lacey Windschitl 3/29/2021 8:21 AM
    Regulate temperature by lowering at night, keeping gas usage lower.