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April 1 - April 30, 2021

Team Teal - Seattle Children's Periop Feed

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  • Reflection Question
    Electricity Support Companies Leading in Green Energy
    Every dollar you put into solar or wind is a dollar not put into traditional financial institutions. You'll also be bolstering the fossil fuel divestment movement, too. Name some companies you know that invest in green energy. How can you support them?

    Elizabeth Hansen's avatar
    Elizabeth Hansen 4/26/2021 3:02 PM
    checking the companies in which I invest to see what their energy sources are
  • Reflection Question
    Transportation Go for a Daily Walk
    What have you noticed on your daily walks? What have you enjoyed? What infrastructure changes could make your walks more enjoyable or possible?

    Sally Rampersad's avatar
    Sally Rampersad 4/17/2021 5:16 PM
    Walked around Greenlake.  Plenty of opportunity to contemplate infrastructure with the roads all ripped up around there.
  • Reflection Question
    Land Sinks Forest-Friendly Foods 1
    How is your diet currently impacting deforestation? What can you do to decrease your negative impact and increase your positive impact?

    Sally Rampersad's avatar
    Sally Rampersad 4/13/2021 9:49 AM
    Here's an article about the main culprits in our food that contribute to deforestation.

    Take aways - palm oil is everywhere, look for shade grown or rainforest alliance for coffee and chocolate, eat more plants and less meat, dairy and eggs
  • Reflection Question
    Buildings Online Energy Audit
    What are your next steps for saving energy?

    Sally Rampersad's avatar
    Sally Rampersad 4/10/2021 8:15 PM
    My daughter did a carbon footprint for her biology class and has done this in the past.  We have made progress with food (now mostly vegetarian and fish) and with our energy (we now have solar panels).  But our car is not fuel efficient, so it's time to look at electric options. 
  • Reflection Question
    Transportation Research and Consider Switching to a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle
    Reducing (or eliminating) exhaust emissions and improving public health are two benefits of green vehicles. What other motivators inspire you to consider switching to a more fuel-efficient vehicle?

    Sally Rampersad's avatar
    Sally Rampersad 4/07/2021 3:05 PM
    My daughter did a carbon footprint for her biology class.  One of our major remaining  big carbon expenditures is a non-fuel efficient car.  I looked into getting a Leaf which is fully electric.  We would use the Leaf for most trips and use the Subaru only if we need to get through snow or other difficult conditions needing AWD. 
  • Reflection Question
    Electricity Choose LED Bulbs
    Changing lightbulbs is an excellent first step toward energy efficiency! What's next for you?

    Kim Righter-Foss's avatar
    Kim Righter-Foss 4/02/2021 11:52 AM
    We found and electrician to help us decrease use of.our gas fireplace and the new electric car. Now we are using LEDs for all lighting in the house

  • Sally Rampersad's avatar
    Sally Rampersad 3/26/2021 3:06 PM
    Hi Team Teal, I wanted to share something that I think would count for the "researching restorative agriculture" challenge.  There is a wonderful documentary "The Biggest Little Farm" that documents a couple in California in their journey to build a farm that relies upon nature to sustain itself.  It is informative and heart-warming and about 90 minutes in length.  There's a website, so you can support their work and you can also follow them on Facebook. Here's a link to the documentary. Biggest Little Farm: Home | NEON (