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April 1 - April 30, 2021

SWCA Arlington/Tulsa Feed

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  • KoKo Mcbride's avatar
    KoKo Mcbride 4/30/2021 4:56 PM
    Overall this was a great and very educational experience. I learned a lot about things that I can change and be mindful about within my daily life that can help impact the environment. I also found out some interesting things about sustainable foods that I did not know about. I will continue these practices daily as well as try to find new ways to lower my carbon footprint.

  • Shannon Bird's avatar
    Shannon Bird 4/30/2021 8:01 AM
    This was fun! I enjoyed seeing how the daily actions  I do anyways are positively impacting the environment. I have more recycling at home than I do actual trash each week, and now it is even more with being aware and mindful!

  • KoKo Mcbride's avatar
    KoKo Mcbride 4/25/2021 6:50 PM
    So far still on track! I found some bamboo plates while browsing at Tuesday Morning. I would say that is a win.
  • Reflection Question
    Health and Education Research Barriers to Participation and Representation
    What are some of the barriers that exist to women's equal participation and/or representation in your community?

    KoKo Mcbride's avatar
    KoKo Mcbride 4/22/2021 5:52 PM
    There are several things such as lack of women leaders, workplace cultures, lack of flexible work practices, gender stereotypes, and social expectations regarding gender roles that all play a part when it comes to the barriers that exist to women as it pertains to equal participation or representation. It’s like a double edged sword, we’re looked at as though we’re less than when we have crazy work schedules to others that have the luxury or flexibility to be stay at home moms or wives and then if we need more flexibility at work to be able to be a mom or tend to family it’s like we are lazy or not available. It’s hard to balance the two and then when you try to be the best you can at both but still get socially reprimanded on both ends. You just have to be resilient and push through. 
  • Reflection Question
    Land Sinks Forest-Friendly Foods 1
    How is your diet currently impacting deforestation? What can you do to decrease your negative impact and increase your positive impact?

    KoKo Mcbride's avatar
    KoKo Mcbride 4/22/2021 5:45 PM
    One of my friends actually started a garden in her back yard and after this research on how my diet is affecting deforestation, I think that may be something I want to look into in the future. I’m already not eating meat and I’m working on the sustainable seafood but the taste isn’t there yet. It could have just been the type I tried so I’m going to keep trying different ones.

  • KoKo Mcbride's avatar
    KoKo Mcbride 4/22/2021 5:41 PM
    So far... it’s been going great when I can remember to log on the actual day of 😂🤣. I really am enjoying this challenge though because it makes you take time to think about what’s going on in the world more and how your daily actions affect the atmosphere.
  • Reflection Question
    Land Sinks Explore My Area
    How can spending more time outdoors enhance your sense of place -- your deep knowledge of and appreciation for your surroundings?

    KoKo Mcbride's avatar
    KoKo Mcbride 4/20/2021 5:38 AM
    It makes you more in tune with nature and the world around you. It makes you more aware of things in the world that depend on each other and how you affect those things. 
  • Reflection Question
    Land Sinks Buy Bamboo
    Are bamboo alternatives readily available in your community? If not, what are other sustainable alternatives?

    KoKo Mcbride's avatar
    KoKo Mcbride 4/20/2021 5:33 AM
    Yes, I purchased bamboo straws. I noticed there are quite a few items that are available in bamboo.
  • Reflection Question
    Action Track: Climate Resilience Tend A Garden
    Have you ever had a significant experience in nature that altered your perspective or focus? If so, please describe it.

    Ofelia Pastora Rodriguez's avatar
    Ofelia Pastora Rodriguez 4/12/2021 6:26 PM
    When someone pointed out to me green onions in the wild, I couldn't help but notice all of them from that point & wondered what else the earth provided that could be found.

  • KoKo Mcbride's avatar
    KoKo Mcbride 4/06/2021 7:03 AM
    Today I was a bit under the weather so I only ate once and I did not cook , nor did I get to do my daily walk. :( Not a good da but hopefully tomorrow is better so I can get back on track.  4/4/21