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April 1 - April 30, 2021

St. Pete Earth Month Team Feed

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  • Winnie Mulamba's avatar
    Winnie Mulamba 4/26/2021 6:32 AM
    Tiny Kitchen garden keeping me busy :)
  • Reflection Question
    Electricity Watch a Video about Methane Digesters
    What does your vision of a sustainable community look like? What would need to be changed in order for such vision to become reality?

    Al Smith II's avatar
    Al Smith II 4/22/2021 4:32 PM
    My vision of a sustainable community is one that is sensitive to the building of and promotion of sustainable living. There would be a need to educate individuals on the purpose of such a community to make sure they are aware of the positive environmental and economic effect such commnity could exist. Behavior would be the main thing that would need to be changed.
  • Reflection Question
    Buildings Upgrade My Windows
    How does improving your home's (or office's) energy efficiency help you better live out your values?

    Kristin Brett's avatar
    Kristin Brett 4/22/2021 8:35 AM
    it's important to me to be responsible in my energy use 
  • Reflection Question
    Land Sinks Local Perennial Biomass
    Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe states that "The reason we care about climate change is because it affects the people and places that we care about." What is happening (or will happen) in your area that will affect the people and places you care about?

    Andrea Andersen's avatar
    Andrea Andersen 4/20/2021 5:44 AM
    The biggest impact to my area will be sea level rise and rising temperatures. It will lead to numerous negative impacts to humans and the environment. We will see residents migrate from the coastal areas to areas toward the center of the state that are currently undeveloped and used for agriculture and other industries. The habitat loss to coastal species will most likely be devastating though there will be some species that will be adapt to the new conditions. I'm particularly concerned about the biodiversity lost in our estuarine communities and shorebird populations. Eventually, it is forecast that the nature preserve where I work will be inundated and this threatens land species such as gopher tortoises due to habitat loss. All of these impacts emphasize the need to move to more sustainable practices.
  • Reflection Question
    Land Sinks Learn More about Silvopasture
    Had you heard of the term "silvopasture" before now? After learning more about it, what do you think is the biggest advantage of silvopasture?

    Andrea Andersen's avatar
    Andrea Andersen 4/20/2021 5:26 AM
    I had not heard the term "silvopasture" before now. There are a lot of benefits to this technique but I was particularly interested in the fact that when silvopasture is implemented, the land becomes more resilient to drought. With superdroughts forecast to be more prevalent in the future due to climate change, this technique could mitigate some of those effects.
  • Reflection Question
    Land Sinks Research Peatlands
    Much of Indonesia's peatlands have been drained so they could be replaced with palm oil or pulp and paper plantations. How can you make choices that help to protect peatlands, even if you live far away from one?

    Andrea Andersen's avatar
    Andrea Andersen 4/20/2021 5:16 AM
    I was surprised to learn that peatlands take hundred to thousands of years to form and are second only to oceans in the amount of carbon they store. That is amazing! I started a vegetable garden at home and created my soil using a mixture of peat, vermiculite, and compost. I am going to switch to coconut coir going forward and will spread the word about the importance of keeping peatlands intact. 

    • Whitney  Blair 's avatar
      Whitney Blair 4/20/2021 8:02 AM
      I just made the switch to coconut coir! It usually comes in a block that has to be wet in order to break it up but to me it works just as well! 
  • Reflection Question
    Land Sinks Forest-Friendly Foods 1
    How is your diet currently impacting deforestation? What can you do to decrease your negative impact and increase your positive impact?

    Andrea Andersen's avatar
    Andrea Andersen 4/14/2021 8:56 AM
    So far, I've transitioned to all-natural cleaning products in my home. They smell so much better and are much less toxic to the environment. I was an easy change. Now I'm looking to what products I can move to that meet rigorous environmental standards. I was happily surprised to see Charmin toilet paper listed as a rainforest friendly product! I also am going to look for products that have moved away from using palm oil since the consumption of palm oil is contributing to deforestation. 
  • Reflection Question
    Food, Agriculture, and Land Use Tend A Garden
    Have you ever had a significant experience in nature that altered your perspective or focus? If so, please describe it.

    Whitney  Blair 's avatar
    Whitney Blair 4/14/2021 6:00 AM
    I was a girl scout as a kid and they use to take us camping regularly. It was such a different experience than I was use to growing up in Orlando. I remember seeing the stars and wondering why they looked so much brighter than at my house. Time felt different, the air smelled different and I wasn't sure why but I liked it.  
  • Reflection Question
    Land Sinks Explore My Area
    How can spending more time outdoors enhance your sense of place -- your deep knowledge of and appreciation for your surroundings?

    Andrea Andersen's avatar
    Andrea Andersen 4/13/2021 1:34 PM
    I spent a hour yesterday walking down at our city's new pier. I was so impressed with the thought and design that went into bringing together and highlight the various elements of the space: water, land, and sky. It was a really enjoyable time and was a beautiful space to explore. I also spent time outdoors today in a natural area. The experiences were very different but both were wonderful because my attention was drawn to different natural elements in each space. I noted the arrangement of plants in each space, the different species of plants present in each space, and the kinds of wildlife utilizing each area. Spending time outdoors helps me to learn about my local environment and deepens my appreciation for both man-made and natural spaces.
  • Reflection Question
    Coastal, Ocean, and Engineered Sinks Building With Carbon Storing Waste Products
    How feasible do you think it is for society to build with agricultural waste products?

    Andrea Andersen's avatar
    Andrea Andersen 4/13/2021 1:24 PM
    Innovation is happening all the time. I think it is very feasible that our society will begin to transition to using products derived from agricultural waste. It was interesting learning about the various materials and their impact on our environment. I'm getting ready to do some renovations on my home and learned a lot about the kind of insulation and flooring which would be less impactful to our environment. This was a really interesting topic. Thank you!