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  • Sarah Haggerty's avatar
    Sarah Haggerty 4/08/2022 12:16 PM
    great work this week :)

    lots of chats about the impact the food industry has on the environment, getting outside, fast fashion, etc etc. Remember, right now is not about perfection it is about progress.... staying curious and conscious of how our daily decisions impact this earth we call home. Let's continue to share our knowledge and encourage each other.

    3 Simple Challenges for you all next week:

    1. Meatless Monday (reach out if you need any inspiration)
    2. Bring re-usable bags to grocery store &&& ditch the plastic produce bags 
    3. Buy some in-season produce (in-season supports local farmers which means less transportation, less refrigeration, less hot houses, and less irradiation)
               - Some of my fav April produce = Strawberries, Arugula, Lettuce, Asparagus, Shallots, Sweet Onions, & Cabbage

    Also, for the mental, I challenge everyone to get outside for a 10-min circadian walk before 10am every morning this week. You will feel the difference I promise :)
  • Reflection Question
    Economy & Communities Learn About & Practice Sustainable Fashion
    How can you express your personality, creativity, and values in ways that don't require fast fashion or buying more clothes and accessories?

    Doug  St. Amand's avatar
    Doug St. Amand 4/08/2022 11:35 AM
    This question surprised me a bit because in my opinion fast fashion / trendy clothes and accessories don't express ones personality or creativity at all. To me, those things express the opposite. Style is something I care about, but I think we all need to be mindful of how much weight or value we give to it. 
  • Reflection Question
    Health & Equity Spend Time Outside
    What are the implications for a culture that spends most of its time inside and on screens?

    Doug  St. Amand's avatar
    Doug St. Amand 4/07/2022 6:28 AM
    There are many implications affecting physical, emotional, social, and mental well being. I believe we're designed for connection - with nature, with people, with ourselves. All of which are more naturally occurring outside - away from tech.