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April 1 - April 30, 2021

San Antonio Zoo Crew Feed

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  • Reflection Question
    Food, Agriculture, and Land Use Tend A Garden
    Have you ever had a significant experience in nature that altered your perspective or focus? If so, please describe it.

    Ashlyn Templeton's avatar
    Ashlyn Templeton 4/29/2021 6:01 AM
    We started gardening in our backyard 3 years ago and each year we get more and more. My entire backyard is now dedicated to urban gardening. One of the most amazing things I love about it is that there is an entire eco system just in my backyard. When we turn the dirt each season, we see so many critters down in the soil! We compost our own food scraps and put them back into the soil, which the bugs love. We have spiders, birds of all sorts, butterflies, ladybugs, and so many other neat friends that come to visit us or live in our garden. It is extraordinary!
  • Reflection Question
    Transportation Go for a Daily Walk
    What have you noticed on your daily walks? What have you enjoyed? What infrastructure changes could make your walks more enjoyable or possible?

    Ashlyn Templeton's avatar
    Ashlyn Templeton 4/26/2021 11:32 AM
    The sidewalks and dirt paths at Brackenridge park are perfect for a lunch time walk during work. When downtown, I love that we have a special space at the riverwalk for walking away from traffic/cars downtown.
  • Reflection Question
    Food, Agriculture, and Land Use Eat Mindfully
    Mindful eating is healthier for us than eating with distractions. How does your eating experience differ when practicing mindfulness?

    Ashlyn Templeton's avatar
    Ashlyn Templeton 4/26/2021 6:27 AM
    I spent some time cooking and eating my meal without distractions and thought more about the foods I was using - those I grew and those I purchased. Where were they sourced from? The tastes of the food were more apparent to me as I sat down to think about eating them. It was a very enjoyable experience that I will continue to do when possible.
  • Reflection Question
    Industry Recycle Everything I Can
    How could you incorporate other "R's" -- reduce, reuse, refuse, repair, repurpose, etc. -- into your lifestyle? How does considering implementing these "R's" make you feel?

    Ashlyn Templeton's avatar
    Ashlyn Templeton 4/23/2021 6:22 AM
    One of my favorite resources here in San Antonio is the brush recycling center. As a San Antonio resident it is free to drop off any brush from fallen trees or tree trimming. They also use this brush to make mulch, which we use in our yard each year! They make finer chopped mulch for a very small cost. What a wonderful way to repurpose unwanted fallen trees in San Antonio!

  • Sam Peterson's avatar
    Sam Peterson 4/22/2021 3:30 PM
    Happy Earth Day, Team!  Thank you for taking on the challenge to help secure a future for the planet!
  • Reflection Question
    Health and Education Learn about the Need for Family Planning
    What did you learn about the need for family planning? How do the needs of different people in different places compare to each other?

    Ashlyn Templeton's avatar
    Ashlyn Templeton 4/22/2021 7:07 AM
    I watched Katharine WIlkinson's TED talk on how empowering women and girls can help stop global warming. In this talk she discussed the need to close the gender gap to address planetary change. She advocates for educating girls in many areas including family planning to reduce the number of babies born accidentally. According to Katharine, this impact on the carbon footprint could rival solar energy. Interesting take!
  • Reflection Question
    Food, Agriculture, and Land Use Zero-waste Cooking
    In North America, up to 65% of food waste happens at the consumer level. Chef Steven Satterfield advocates for utilizing every part of a vegetable. How can you incorporate using an entire vegetable, including the skins, tops, and stalks during your next meal prep?

    Sue Howard's avatar
    Sue Howard 4/21/2021 9:37 AM
    Find new use for other parts that you don't use in meal you are preparing
  • Reflection Question
    Industry Practice the 5 R's
    What are some more "R's" you could add to your daily practice to reduce your waste?

    Sue Howard's avatar
    Sue Howard 4/21/2021 9:35 AM
    Recycle reuse find a new use
  • Reflection Question
    Food, Agriculture, and Land Use Smaller Portions
    While dishing food out, we tend to load our plates with more than we need. Using smaller plates helps to mitigate this. Aside from the environmental benefits, what other benefits might come from eating/serving smaller portions?

    Sue Howard's avatar
    Sue Howard 4/21/2021 9:33 AM
    Losing weight less food waste

  • Ashlyn Templeton's avatar
    Ashlyn Templeton 4/20/2021 12:07 PM
    Just getting started on this challenge. A little late to the online challenge but I've already started my Spring garden. We've harvested 2 rounds of radishes already and we currently have potatoes, garlic, tomatoes, onions, sweet & hot peppers, carrots, corn, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, and a small herb garden. Always looking forward to harvesting and planting my new seedlings! Picture is of some of my potatoes, which we are growing in buckets this year.