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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

    Climate & Ecosystems Collect Litter on a Plog / Plalk
    What was your experience like plogging, or engaging in another way to collect litter while being outside? Was there any item you collected that was unusual that you found?

    Spencer Helwig's avatar
    Spencer Helwig 4/28/2023 8:12 AM
    Cleaned up a syringe from my parking garage. Unfortunately it's not the first time I've done that, but better to dispose of it properly in a sharps bin than to leave it in the street.
    Education & Livelihood Work-Life Balance
    How does practicing a work-life balance create a more sustainable life for you? How might it contribute to sustainability more broadly?

    Cas Casados's avatar
    Cas Casados 4/25/2023 9:44 AM
    In a simple way, I purchase less. When I'm working crazy hours, I purchase much more stuff (extra food out-- not my best choice-- when I don't have the time to make it, stuff that just makes me feel better, subscriptions for zoning out because I'm too knackered to do anything else, etc.).
    Economy & Communities Mend Clothing
    What was it like to mend your clothing? If you are skilled at mending, what tips do you have for others?

    Carola Eklund's avatar
    Carola Eklund 4/23/2023 10:04 PM
    I went into a mending spree :-) ...not that I am skilled at this, but I can fix a hole in a sock :D. Even though it's as mundane as fixing a hole in a sock you feel good about being able to wear that piece of clothing again and didn't have to throw it out.

  • Carola Eklund's avatar
    Carola Eklund 4/19/2023 9:53 AM
    Team 4th floor! The 3rd floor is catching up! What are we going to do?

  • Spencer Helwig's avatar
    Spencer Helwig 4/14/2023 8:27 AM
    Perhaps this weekend if the weather is nice I will do some trash pickup...

  • Spencer Helwig's avatar
    Spencer Helwig 4/12/2023 8:24 AM
    Just checking in to rack up the points to beat the 3rd floor.

  • Carola Eklund's avatar
    Carola Eklund 4/11/2023 11:47 AM
    Health & Equity Make Cleaning Products
    What was surprising about the ingredients in your cleaning supplies, personal care, and pet products?

    Karen Mason's avatar
    Karen Mason 4/11/2023 8:55 AM
    I already had everything I needed in my house! One less plastic bottle used buying something new.
    Climate & Ecosystems Ecological & Xeriscape Gardening
    What ecological or xeriscape landscaping practices do you have? How has your landscape changed from these practices?

    Willow Hamilton's avatar
    Willow Hamilton 4/11/2023 8:46 AM
    Brought in chips to retain moisture and help with filtering, covered out entire front yard with them and planted native plants. Also planted fruit trees, blueberries, and raspberries to promote pollinators and food production.

  • Spencer Helwig's avatar
    Spencer Helwig 4/11/2023 8:22 AM
    I checked in today. Maybe I will do these items later.