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  • Reflection Question
    Basic Needs & Security Know Your Produce
    What surprised you about the two produce lists? How will you use these lists for your grocery shopping? Have you used these lists before?

    Jeff Brauns's avatar
    Jeff Brauns 4/19/2022 5:09 PM
    Pleased to learn that mushrooms were on the "good" list.

  • TJ Ingersoll's avatar
    TJ Ingersoll 4/04/2022 6:24 AM
    This goal is much easier when you don't have hot water anymore!

  • TJ Ingersoll's avatar
    TJ Ingersoll 4/03/2022 12:56 PM
    Way worse than I expected. Personal Earth overshoot day is April 18! I emit 10.8 tons of CO2 per year.

  • Bruce Erickson's avatar
    Bruce Erickson 4/03/2022 11:55 AM
    Hello everyone, this is my first post to the Ecochallenge feed.  One thing I'm already appreciating about Ecochallenge is that my mindfullness about the challenges I've set for myself have made me more aware and reflective of my actions in general.  For example, I find myself being more mindful about daily water and electricity usage, even though none of the challenges I selected relate directly to those.  Hopefully this will become a habit that will extend beyond the end of the month!