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April 1 - April 30, 2021

IVC SRM 95 Feed

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  • Andrea Phan's avatar
    Andrea Phan 5/01/2021 4:37 PM
    I really enjoyed being a part of the Earth Month Ecochallenge! It is super cool to see the impact our team made and I definitely would like to be a part of this again! I strongly feed this challenge raises awareness and accountability. Thank you, Professor Blythe and team! 
  • Reflection Question
    Transportation Go for a Daily Walk
    What have you noticed on your daily walks? What have you enjoyed? What infrastructure changes could make your walks more enjoyable or possible?

    Joelle Rango's avatar
    Joelle Rango 4/29/2021 7:19 PM
    I always walked around my neighborhood but I always had my earphones and never really paid attention to the surrounding around me but then I decided to start going with someone else and it forced me to not only engage more with my surrounding and also engage in meaningful conversations
  • Reflection Question
    Food, Agriculture, and Land Use Keep Track of Wasted Food
    An average American throws out about 240 lbs of food per year. The average family of four spends $1,500 a year on food that they throw out. How would you rather use this money?

    Joelle Rango's avatar
    Joelle Rango 4/29/2021 6:25 PM
    I'll rather use this money for helping to donate to charities that are trying to build better communities for people in disadvantaged communities or people who don't have access to local food.
  • Reflection Question
    Land Sinks Learn More about Silvopasture
    Had you heard of the term "silvopasture" before now? After learning more about it, what do you think is the biggest advantage of silvopasture?

    Anastasia Sinkovskaya's avatar
    Anastasia Sinkovskaya 4/28/2021 12:36 PM
    I've chosen this topic because I haven't heard about it. "Silvopasture is an ancient practice that integrates trees and pasture into a single system for raising livestock. Research suggests silvopasture far outpaces any grassland technique for counteracting the methane emissions of livestock and sequestering carbon under-hoof".

  • Andrea Phan's avatar
    Andrea Phan 4/27/2021 9:30 AM
    I enjoyed a delicious meatless lunch! :)

  • Andrea Phan's avatar
    Andrea Phan 4/24/2021 9:33 PM
    I am proud of President Joe Biden, working hard trying to transform our infrastructure into sustainable innovation, calling for renewable energy as the norm, and genuinely caring about our future living on this planet! He is a beacon of hope! 

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    Andrea Phan 4/22/2021 1:45 PM
    Happy Earth Day, class! I hope everyone is finding the time to do something today that honors the Earth! I picked up a bunch of cigarette butts that painters working on my neighbor's house left all over our alley, sidewalk, and gutter! Gross. Not on my watch! Or the ocean. What did you do today? 

  • Andrea Phan's avatar
    Andrea Phan 4/15/2021 8:20 PM
    We have a solar rep coming out next week to discuss potential panels on our home! Excited! :)
  • Reflection Question
    Food, Agriculture, and Land Use Eat Mindfully
    Mindful eating is healthier for us than eating with distractions. How does your eating experience differ when practicing mindfulness?

    Joelle Rango's avatar
    Joelle Rango 4/15/2021 12:17 AM
    For me, it was very easy to just put food on the plate and then just put something to watch and distract me and not really being mindful of the food on my plate. This time I was able to take some time and not use any device while eating and at first, but it gets easier with practice and food is just more enjoyable.                                                     
  • Reflection Question
    Food, Agriculture, and Land Use Support Local Food Systems
    Dependable fresh food, supporting local farmers and building resilient communities are just a few benefits of local food systems. Which of these (or other) advantages inspire you the most?

    Joelle Rango's avatar
    Joelle Rango 4/15/2021 12:03 AM
    Supporting farmers helps to promote building more resilient communities which helps also to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. It also promotes a sort of friendship between the farmer and the buyer.