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April 1 - April 30, 2021

EMEA-tlassians Feed

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  • Reflection Question
    Transportation Go for a Daily Walk
    What have you noticed on your daily walks? What have you enjoyed? What infrastructure changes could make your walks more enjoyable or possible?

    Tero Angeria's avatar
    Tero Angeria 4/20/2021 3:27 AM
    I really and truly enjoy walking in the forest. It allows me to focus on the topic covered in the meeting I am participating in while at the same time I am building up my energy for the rest of the day.

  • Sean Macg's avatar
    Sean Macg 4/07/2021 5:56 AM
    I really love learning about EVs and the changing markets that are going to have to facilitate them.

    I think the most exciting part about EVs is the automation they are going to bring, and the massive disruption that we will see across multiple industries sooner than media outlets makes out. As "Hoover" or "Dyson" is synonymous us with vacuum cleaners, Tesla is the equivalent to electric vehicles, pretty much single handedly creating a successful electric car model and dwarfing legacy ICE makers (internal combustion engine). Quick heads up - I'm a fanboi!

    So, for a moment, let's pretend Tesla is not just an auto company; They develop software to complement their hardware.
    Energy - Will coal be burning 10 years from now and people buying the electricity on pay per use basis like always? OR will an exponential growing number of houses have their own battery and/or solar that buys/creates energy off peak and sells it back to the grid on peak? Which company will own the hardware and manage the licenses between these parties? Tesla.

    Insurance -Will users of said hardware go to legacy insurance providers who don't fully understand the potential risks and happily pay the 2x or 3x mark up on their products? OR will consumers go to a company that already has AT LEAST 100x more data on all this said hardware that is exponentially growing every single day and can provide insurance on all their products vastly cheaper than anyone else? That company - Tesla.

    Software - As I keep saying huge change is inevitable. Although it is at least 1 year away, fully self driving vehicles spells the END of a preverbal era. Imagine a medium sized business with a fleet of vans/trucks. Imagine this fleet can now operate autonomously 24/7 at a hugely discounted rate (no more fuel costs, no driver fatigue, optimized delivery times etc etc etc). Think of that scaled up to the largest companies on the planet. Now realize that there are about 3 companies in existence that are somewhat close to this reality. The closest? Tesla.

    Transport - Remember when Uber came about your town and all of a sudden, hailing a taxi was cheap, fast and very easy. Now imagine that happening again only this time it is even cheaper AND easier. Once self driving is online, a SaaS based model is released to consumer/businesses alike - TaaS (transport as a service) is unveiled and one company has the full fleet of over the air updated vehicles ready to roll in the biggest take over of a single industry, period. It will be cheaper to use Telsa Taxi then to own a car. If you do own a car, why leave it parked while at work/home? Send it to the airport to accept rides BY ITSELF to start making money. Charge it up at lunchtime to sell back to the grid by dinner. Electric Vehicles are no longer a depreciating asset. The company closest to this reality? Tesla.

    Vehicles - Finally lets talk about Tesla as an "automotive" company that people are so stuck on. Even if this is considered their core market, their cars are superior in almost every way to traditional ICE makers. Tesla literally won best car of the year... TWICE. Their safety is the best, their performance is the best, their value is the best (and if you're still reading this rant) about to become A LOT more valuable. People don't realize what this company has built - A whole grid of new super charging infrastructure, redeveloped batteries and supply chains to gain at least 50% efficiency in operating costs, copy pasting factories designed by the best engineers across soon to be every continent at speeds that leaves that leaves other car companies with their you know what in their hands. They are agile as a silicon valley tech firm, they are as innovative as Apple, they have outpaced the "competition" by 6+ years. This company has acquired more than enough capital to take over the world 3 times over. THIS COMPANY IS TELSA!!!!