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  • Reflection Question
    Health & Equity Track My Purchases
    How have you reduced your purchasing habits and what would you like to do next to reduce your consumption habits?

    Sara M's avatar
    Sara M 4/24/2022 7:01 AM
    I'm using this miraculous Question 
    Need or want
    And most of the time the answer isn't need😜
  • Reflection Question
    Education & Livelihood Plan A Staycation in Your Community
    What place in your region are you most excited to visit during your staycation?

    Sara M's avatar
    Sara M 4/24/2022 6:58 AM
    I will stay at an eco-friendly homestay for 2 days
  • Reflection Question
    Education & Livelihood Thank Educators
    How did you thank the educators in your life? If you are an educator, what was the most creative or fun way you have been thanked?

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    Sara M 4/24/2022 6:54 AM
    I started  last year  some weekly sustainabl  information and activities for a group and it's continued till now
  • Reflection Question
    Education & Livelihood Share My Positive Actions With My Community
    What was the most fun or joyful way you have seen others share their positive sustainability actions and habits?

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    Sara M 4/24/2022 6:51 AM
    I use my  Instagram with a littl  jokes to introduce my sustainable activities 

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    Sara M 4/03/2022 4:20 AM
    Whenever I need more power to continue I remember the first time that we start our challenges 
    Although I studied more about SD but the most information that I have is frome thes  challenges 

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    Sara M 4/03/2022 4:11 AM
    Tree planting

  • In the name of God
    I am Ghaazal Bejestani Moghaddam from Iran. I have always loved learning since I was a child.
     I have more than 20 years of experience in academic education and work in the fields of natural resources, forestry, silviculture, forest ecology and environmental education, and design, construction and implementation of green space, as well as 3 years of work and activity in the field of justification projects.
     I have a PhD in Forest Science in Hyrcanian Forest Ecosystem Health in Science and Research (IAU) and a Master of Science in Forestry and Forest Ecology in Research Sciences and a Bachelor of Science in Forestry at Mazandarn University.
     I have taken environmental education courses at Cortel University (online) and sustainable development courses at the University of Illinois (online).

    . As a consulting engineer, I have worked with the municipality and the beautification and green space organization, research institute and university.

    And I am currently the chairman of the Green Life Enhancers Association (Atazis). A non-governmental organization in the field of sustainable development and the environment.

    As a person who has loved nature and natural sciences since childhood, I have always been looking for a way to achieve sustainable development and preserve this wealth god