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    Health & Equity Advocate for Equitable Participation and Representation
    What are some of the barriers that exist to women and girls' equitable participation or representation in your community? Do you experience these barriers?

    Amanda Martinez's avatar
    Amanda Martinez 4/30/2023 9:42 PM
    In both private and public spheres, women face occupational segregation, and multiple barriers—such as lack of access to land, capital, financial resources and technology, as well as gender-based violence—due to cultural mindsets and stereotypes. I feel like I have less barriers than many women, but still feel like I am sometime at a disadvantage.

  • Paul Raj Shamlet's avatar
    Paul Raj Shamlet 4/30/2023 9:40 PM
    Overall, ESG is a valuable framework for evaluating the sustainability and ethical impact of investments. By considering a company's environmental impact, social responsibility, and governance practices, investors can gain a more comprehensive understanding of a company's operations and impact, and potentially drive positive change in the market.

  • Paul Raj Shamlet's avatar
    Paul Raj Shamlet 4/30/2023 9:39 PM
    ESG has the potential to drive positive change by incentivizing companies to improve their sustainability and ethical practices. By rewarding companies that prioritize ESG, investors can help shift the market towards more responsible and sustainable practices. This, in turn, can have a broader impact on society and the environment.
    Education & Livelihood Research Impact Investing
    After learning more about investing, how can you increase positive impacts and decrease negative impacts?

    Amanda Martinez's avatar
    Amanda Martinez 4/30/2023 9:37 PM
    We can “vote with our dollars” and choose not only investments that do no harm, but are actively doing good for the world, mankind, and the environment!

  • Paul Raj Shamlet's avatar
    Paul Raj Shamlet 4/30/2023 9:31 PM
    ESG is important because it reflects changing societal values and priorities. As consumers and investors increasingly demand sustainable and ethical practices from companies, ESG has emerged as a way to evaluate and compare companies based on their commitment to these values. This has led to an increased focus on issues like climate change, human rights, and diversity and inclusion in corporate decision-making.
    Economy & Communities Chat With A Nonprofit
    What was one nonprofit organization that was exciting to learn about?

    Amanda Martinez's avatar
    Amanda Martinez 4/30/2023 9:29 PM
    I was introduced to Dallas Margarita Ball through some teammates in BvB Dallas. Dallas Margarita Society is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization operating under the name of Dallas Children's Charities. Originally started in 1977, they provide children with gifts at Chriatmas time and provide support and assistance to geoups that work with at risk DFW children throughout the year. They directly provide assistance to over 6800 at risk youth each year.
    Climate & Ecosystems Advocate for Water Habitat!
    Why is water habitat important to you?

    Amanda Martinez's avatar
    Amanda Martinez 4/30/2023 9:25 PM
    As I read in learning more about watersheds, the saying “the ocean refuses no river” really puts into perspective how vitally important taking care of our water and soil right HERE, where we live, is! Whether or not we think we are close enough to a river or ocean, it all matters!
    Basic Needs & Security Advocate For Your Watershed
    What watershed do you live in presently? What is something interesting or unique about your watershed?

    Amanda Martinez's avatar
    Amanda Martinez 4/30/2023 9:20 PM
    I live in the Trinity watershed. I don’t know if it’s interesting or unique but I was reading about the record rainfall in north Texas and how that made some acutely aware of where all that water goes. And while I know it all flows through land, seeing the saying “the ocean refuses no river” felt overwhelmingly powerful.
    Climate & Ecosystems Plant a Tree
    How is planting trees good for your mental, physical, and spiritual health?

    Amanda Martinez's avatar
    Amanda Martinez 4/30/2023 8:53 PM
    I will be 100% transparent, after a tornado and knowing the cost of tree trimming and stump grinding, I don’t want to plant a tree anywhere near my house! Haha! However, doing something good for the earth, to make it healthier for mankind, and knowing that tree could outlive you many times over and that legacy will live on beyond you, is really touching!

  • Amanda Martinez's avatar
    Amanda Martinez 4/30/2023 8:49 PM
    Another round of nutrient rich compose for my new pollinator garden!