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  • Ritu Thakuria's avatar
    Ritu Thakuria 5/01/2022 12:27 AM
    To continue some of my habits and every small steps have its impact

  • Ritu Thakuria's avatar
    Ritu Thakuria 4/29/2022 2:09 PM
    Planing to stick with my vegan diet!
  • Reflection Question
    Climate & Ecosystems Support Local Pollinators
    Why is it important to take care of pollinators? Do you have a favorite pollinator?

    Christen Geiler's avatar
    Christen Geiler 4/29/2022 6:21 AM
    Bee's are my favorite pollinator.
    Here are some facts that I have learned about the important jobs they do.
    Some crops, including blueberries and cherries, are 90 percent dependent on honey bee pollination.
    • Honey bees visit five million flowers to make one pint of honey.
    • To produce 150 pounds of honey, bees cover a distance equal to 13 trips to the moon and back.
    • 90 percent of the nation's apple crop is pollinated by bees.

  • Reflection Question
    Climate & Ecosystems Ecological & Xeriscape Gardening
    What ecological or xeriscape landscaping practices do you have? How has your landscape changed from these practices?

    Christen Geiler's avatar
    Christen Geiler 4/29/2022 6:17 AM
    We have incorporated a rock scape in our gardens to minimize areas that need watering.  Additionally, we make an effort to use plants that conserve water, such as succulents.
  • Reflection Question
    Education & Livelihood Learn About The Education & Livelihood SDGs
    What was a linking factor across this group of SDGs?

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    Christen Geiler 4/29/2022 6:12 AM
    The linking factor across this group is the need for financial support.  Education programs need to be prioritized and funding provided to help make a change.
  • Reflection Question
    Climate & Ecosystems Calculate Your Carbon Impact
    What is one way you will reduce your carbon foorprint? What is a practice you already have that helps you reduce your carbon footprint?

    Christen Geiler's avatar
    Christen Geiler 4/29/2022 6:08 AM
    One way I will reduce my carbon footprint is to change my thermostat when I am not home.

    After reading, "When you leave your home, think about upping the temperature in your home during the summer months and lowering it in the winter. This will have a great impact on your energy savings, both personally and for the planet. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save up to 10 percent a year on heating and cooling by turning your thermostat back seven to 10 degrees Fahrenheit for eight hours a day from its normal setting", I have made it a goal for my family.  

    Simple change with a big impact.
  • Reflection Question
    Basic Needs & Security Support A Renters Bills of Rights
    What was something important you learned about renter rights and affordable housing?

    Ritu Thakuria's avatar
    Ritu Thakuria 4/28/2022 4:59 AM
    I was surprised to see but good to learn that my state VA has the highest eviction rate because of lot of contributing factors.

  • Ritu Thakuria's avatar
    Ritu Thakuria 4/28/2022 4:56 AM
    I joined the challenge to bring small changes everyday and start to reinforce some positive habits. Learning about my local water shed, small green patches in and around the neighborhood is a beautiful experience of appreciating what we have and where we go.
  • Reflection Question
    Economy & Communities Find out where your energy comes from
    Where does the energy in your region come from? Which energy is a renewable source?

    Christen Geiler's avatar
    Christen Geiler 4/26/2022 1:01 PM
    We don't have many options where I live for different energy sources.  We are dependent on the utility company.  It is frustrating to see so much building in my area and so little solar power capabilities/technologies being incorporated.
  • Reflection Question
    Economy & Communities Induction Cooking
    Would you consider using an induction cooking surface? If you have used one before, what do you like about induction cooking?

    Christen Geiler's avatar
    Christen Geiler 4/26/2022 12:58 PM
    I have used an induction cooking surface recently while on vacation.  It was different than cookie with gas.  Something worth considering a new stove.