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April 1 - April 30, 2021

Deloitte Chicago Feed

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  • Reflection Question
    Land Sinks Learn about Temperate Forests
    As you learn more about the scope and seriousness of the environmental challenges we face, what impact does that have on your thinking and actions? What are the parts that feel overwhelming? What parts help you feel hopeful?

    Nicolette Matz's avatar
    Nicolette Matz 4/30/2021 11:24 AM
    Many parts of climate change are incredibly overwhelming, but one thing I have learned after watching countless documentaries and reading books about it is that a lot of people do not understand how our actions impact the earth. Nobody wants to feel villainized for their actions but many small steps can have a huge impact. Particularly with consumerism there is a lot of opportunities for people to make conscious choices that can have a positive impact on our earth. This makes me hopeful that we can collectively be more cognizant of these changes to make positive impacts in the future. 
  • Reflection Question
    Action Track: Climate Resilience Tend A Garden
    Have you ever had a significant experience in nature that altered your perspective or focus? If so, please describe it.

    Nicolette Matz's avatar
    Nicolette Matz 4/30/2021 11:21 AM
    Spending time in a city for while makes you even more appreciative of nature when you get the chance. I lived in Madrid for 5 months and had an apartment at the center of the city. The toll that the city air and bustle takes on you is not apparent until you get a chance to go away. I had the chance to go away to the coast and I sat by the water for hours enjoying the fresh air. Even though a large population of people live in cities, it is important to understand how critical the wilderness and nature really are to our earth and to us.
  • Reflection Question
    Transportation Conduct Virtual Meetings
    How can you ensure that your virtual meetings honor your values and your company's culture?

    Nicolette Matz's avatar
    Nicolette Matz 4/30/2021 11:19 AM
    Virtual meetings are a useful way to connect with people you aren't physically near. It is important to set boundaries as to how meetings will be conducted and ensure that everyone has a good forum to communicate.
  • Reflection Question
    Health and Education Support Businesses Owned by Women, BIPOC, or Immigrants
    Globally, women typically invest a higher proportion of their earnings in their families and communities than men. What have you done in the past to support women-owned businesses? How can you better support communities by supporting women?

    Maddi Loshaw's avatar
    Maddi Loshaw 4/30/2021 10:28 AM
    I'm lucky to live in an area that has many women-owned businesses, such as Hopewell, Mini Mott, and Diversey Wine. I've made them my go-to takeout places during the pandemic, and even bought a monthly subscription at one of them to steadily support them during this tough time. 

  • Drew Dawson's avatar
    Drew Dawson 4/30/2021 6:23 AM
    Cannot believe the Ecochallenge has come to an end! I've learned that every small action I take can make a difference to our planet. After this month, I will continue these small actions to do my part to protect our planet!
  • Reflection Question
    Transportation Go for a Daily Walk
    What have you noticed on your daily walks? What have you enjoyed? What infrastructure changes could make your walks more enjoyable or possible?

    Nicolette Matz's avatar
    Nicolette Matz 4/30/2021 5:29 AM
    Daily walks are a great way to decompress after a busy day at work. It is easy to get stuck in the cycle of staying inside all day or for several days without ever leaving but going outside makes a huge difference in how I feel. More pedestrian cross-walks or cross-walk lights would be helpful for my walks, I live near many busy intersections that don't have stop signs or stoplights to help with crossing and it can be dangerous to do so during traffic.
  • Reflection Question
    Industry Recycle Everything I Can
    How could you incorporate other "R's" -- reduce, reuse, refuse, repair, repurpose, etc. -- into your lifestyle? How does considering implementing these "R's" make you feel?

    Nicolette Matz's avatar
    Nicolette Matz 4/30/2021 5:26 AM
    The options outside of recycling can be more important than recycling itself. Consumerism leads to an increased waste and the ability to work with what you already have goes a long way for a sustainable lifestyle. I like that some companies also embrace these ideals and work to make their products high quality and offer options to repair. A great example of this is Patagonia, that launched a campaign to tell people to buy less of their clothing in an effort to curb the waste that follows excessive consumerism.
  • Reflection Question
    Coastal, Ocean, and Engineered Sinks Smart Seafood Choices
    Many states and countries have advisories on eating fish. Find out what is advised for your region. Do you think your diet choices fall within these guidelines? What steps do you need to take to make sure that they do?

    Nicolette Matz's avatar
    Nicolette Matz 4/30/2021 5:23 AM
    I did not previously know that many states and countries had advisories on eating fish, I investigated further and found that my diet choices do fall within the recommendations of US. It is something interesting to consider when traveling to other countries. 
  • Reflection Question
    Transportation Express My Support For Equitable Biking Infrastructure
    What do you like most about biking in your city? What would you like to improve?

    Maddi Loshaw's avatar
    Maddi Loshaw 4/29/2021 10:52 AM
    I like the autonomy and independence it gives me of being able to move/commute on my own schedule. Chicago can do so so much to improve safety for cyclists though. 
  • Reflection Question
    Transportation Improve a Bus Stop
    How can you advocate for transportation systems which minimize environmental impact while also meeting human needs?

    Maddi Loshaw's avatar
    Maddi Loshaw 4/29/2021 10:50 AM
    I do a lot to lead by example within my peer group. I think it's important for other people to see that their friend gladly takes the bus or other transit options rather than opting for an Uber.