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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Mike Palmatier's avatar
    Mike Palmatier 5/01/2023 7:39 AM
    Looking forward to meeting my goals today and moving forward
    Education & Livelihood Stay on the Ground
    What was your process like for restructuring your trip? How can you avoid more air travel in the future?

    Jennifer Lollino's avatar
    Jennifer Lollino 4/30/2023 10:19 PM
    There are many places to travel within driving distance so it's not really difficult to drive vs. flying. The time that would be spent waiting at an airport can be used to drive so it doesn't really increase the total travel time.

  • Zully  Herrera 's avatar
    Zully Herrera 4/30/2023 9:19 PM
    With everything going on in my personal life I still made time to complete this challenge that taught me a lot. My goal is to definitely practice all that I learned

  • Pamela Spyrs's avatar
    Pamela Spyrs 4/30/2023 8:42 PM
    Wise words to live by as we close out Earth Month 2023🏜️🌵☀️🌎
    Climate & Ecosystems Support Local Pollinators
    Why is it important to take care of pollinators? Do you have a favorite pollinator?

    Jennifer Lollino's avatar
    Jennifer Lollino 4/30/2023 8:19 PM
    All of seeded plants need to be pollinated and pollination results in larger, more flavorful fruits and higher crop yields, which we all need to survive. Without pollinators, our ecosystems wouldn't survive.

  • Marlene Raigoza's avatar
    Marlene Raigoza 4/30/2023 4:30 PM
    The last day of the eco challenge !!

  • Jennifer Lollino's avatar
    Jennifer Lollino 4/30/2023 1:04 PM
    Great job Team Cypress Magnolia and Lilies! The most important thing is to keep up with these actions after the challenge ends!
    Basic Needs & Security Volunteer in My Community
    What was one of your most memorable volunteer experiences, and why? What would you like to volunteer for next, and why?

    Jennifer Lollino's avatar
    Jennifer Lollino 4/30/2023 12:58 PM
    I enjoyed the water clean up projects this month with Team ECOS. It gave us a chance to work together towards a common goal and also do something worthwhile to help the environment. I am looking forward to more volunteer opportunities in the future and would like to see us work at a food pantry.

    • Pamela Spyrs's avatar
      Pamela Spyrs 4/30/2023 8:45 PM
      Thanks for ll your support and for being a part of this AWEsome day! 🌊🙌🏽
    Economy & Communities Analyze Your Utility Bills
    What was the most interesting thing you learned from analyzing your utility bill? What are some ways you can save energy and water?

    Jennifer Lollino's avatar
    Jennifer Lollino 4/30/2023 12:52 PM
    The solar panels on my home save a great deal of energy, but we also focus on trying to use less than we generate. I also learned ways we can reduce water use as well.
    Climate & Ecosystems Watch a Documentary About Climate Change or Nature
    What did you watch, and what was the most important thing you learned in the documentary(ies) you watched? How does what you learned connect to your understanding of climate change and Earth Month?

    Jennifer Lollino's avatar
    Jennifer Lollino 4/30/2023 12:45 PM
    I had the opportunity to do two water cleanups (riverbed and ocean) during Earth Month and it was eye opening to see the amount of microplastic that is harming our water and food supply. A Plastic Ocean shows how much plastic is affecting the environment and the need for immediate change.