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April 1 - April 30, 2021

Comerica Texas Green Team Feed

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  • Reflection Question
    Land Sinks Learn about Temperate Forests
    As you learn more about the scope and seriousness of the environmental challenges we face, what impact does that have on your thinking and actions? What are the parts that feel overwhelming? What parts help you feel hopeful?

    Deborah Baker's avatar
    Deborah Baker 4/30/2021 1:47 PM
    Increasing my awareness and knowledge make me feel a sense of empowerment; however, convincing elected officials to do or not do something seems very remote. I feel strong around controlling my own behavior (except giving up coffee), but I feel almost powerless in affecting the behavior of lawmakers. I figure, if it doesn't mean money in their pocket, or in the pockets of their favorite lobbyist, then they aren't going to really listen to what I have to say. 
  • Reflection Question
    Land Sinks Buy Bamboo
    Are bamboo alternatives readily available in your community? If not, what are other sustainable alternatives?

    Deborah Baker's avatar
    Deborah Baker 4/30/2021 1:43 PM
    I see them only occasionally. One fast food merchant, START, uses biodegradable containers and bamboo utensils. The utensils can even be placed in the dishwasher several times before they are no longer usable. I need to be more cognizant when shopping so I can employ more bamboo into my daily life.
  • Reflection Question
    Industry Properly Dispose of Refrigerants
    How do you address your own feelings of concern, fear or despair about climate change?

    TAKISHA MCCLAIN's avatar
    TAKISHA MCCLAIN 4/30/2021 8:42 AM
    Addressing my concerns about the climate change was challenging at first. I felt myself feeling depressed. I had to make a change in me to see what changes came be made to better the situation. I know work with different groups to better understand how I can  feel in control. 
  • Reflection Question
    Coastal, Ocean, and Engineered Sinks Smart Seafood Choices
    Many states and countries have advisories on eating fish. Find out what is advised for your region. Do you think your diet choices fall within these guidelines? What steps do you need to take to make sure that they do?

    TAKISHA MCCLAIN's avatar
    TAKISHA MCCLAIN 4/30/2021 8:26 AM
    I do think my diet choices fall within the guidelines for Texas. Fish and shellfish are healthful foods that provide a diet high in protein and low in saturated fat and contain nutrients that are important for proper growth and development. I have included more Fish and shrimp in our meals for dieting purposes. 
  • Reflection Question
    Land Sinks Forest-Friendly Foods 2
    How difficult or easy was it to change your diet?

    TAKISHA MCCLAIN's avatar
    TAKISHA MCCLAIN 4/30/2021 8:20 AM
    It was extremely difficult to change my diet! My husband and I was not on the same page in trying different types of food. I finally was able to get him to try more options during the week. On the weekend, he ate what he wanted and I ensured to include the items that I enjoyed that were healthier for me. 
  • Reflection Question
    Action Track: Climate Resilience Support a Community Garden
    What are the multiple benefits of community gardens, including carbon sequestration? Why do these benefits matter to you?

    TAKISHA MCCLAIN's avatar
    TAKISHA MCCLAIN 4/30/2021 7:57 AM
    First off, Fruits and vegetables sold in stores are in transit up to 14 days sometimes. By then, some of the fruit or veggies are spoiled and lost. If we grow them locally, it will eliminate the transit time and reduce the waste caused. 
  • Reflection Question
    Transportation Use Muscle Power
    How do your transportation choices affect your engagement in your community? Does your experience or enjoyment differ while walking, riding transit, biking or driving?

    TAKISHA MCCLAIN's avatar
    TAKISHA MCCLAIN 4/30/2021 6:04 AM
    If people can use and access a transportation option flexibly, they will most likely use but some cities its not an option. Gas prices are a major predictor of whether commuters choose to drive or ride transit. I am glad ComeriCA offers ride share in some cities

  • TAKISHA MCCLAIN's avatar
    TAKISHA MCCLAIN 4/30/2021 5:50 AM
    I think this was one of thee best challenges yet for me with Ecochallenge. I think these are habits that will stick with me through to the next challenge. 
  • Reflection Question
    Electricity Communicate With My Elected Officials
    What inspires you to act on sustainable energy and other energy issues?

    Tricia Jones's avatar
    Tricia Jones 4/29/2021 10:09 PM
    Google "who represents me" and write your Congressman and Senators - support sustainable energy - and also support stopping subsidies for animal agribusiness and commercial fishing.  It is so easy to be heard.  BTW - TX is the leader of wind and solar energy production - supporting it means jobs and a strong economy!!

  • Tricia Jones's avatar
    Tricia Jones 4/29/2021 10:06 PM
    Committing to a plant forward diet.  The biggest lesson I learned this Earth Month was that one of the largest contributions we can make is to reduce the demand for the industrial animal production on land and commercial fishing at sea.  I hope to live and eat much more sustainably going forward!