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Comerica California Ecochallenge Team Feed


Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Andrea Ammerman's avatar
    Andrea Ammerman 4/30/2023 8:43 PM
    Busy busy busy. I've done a lot of gardening. Planting vegetables and flowers for pollinators. I also volunterred at the local food bank. Additionally, I watched a fascinating documentary about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

  • Gabriel Saca's avatar
    Gabriel Saca 4/30/2023 12:22 PM
    Had a blast planting trees in Oakland yesterday with Trees for Oakland.
    If you're located in or around the bay area come volunteer at one of their upcoming events!

  • June Myrick's avatar
    June Myrick 4/29/2023 11:15 AM
    So today I mended a couple more clothing items and sewed button back on 5 different items. It felt good to finally get the loose buttons back on the items that they come from.

  • Jim Raggio's avatar
    Jim Raggio 4/24/2023 2:28 PM
    Doing really well except the mindfulness thing.

  • Andrea Ammerman's avatar
    Andrea Ammerman 4/24/2023 9:30 AM
    I volunteered at the Food Bank. Our team boxed 116,500 pounds of produce. With each box weighing about 25lbs. It felt good to make a difference.
    Health & Equity Practice Mindfulness
    What was it like to practice mindfulness? If this is a practice for you already, what was something new you understood in practicing during Earth Month?

    Kristin Bloser's avatar
    Kristin Bloser 4/24/2023 5:27 AM
    I feel like I never have time to practice mindfulness/meditation, but when I do it even for a couple of minutes, I can feel my stress levels decrease right away. It is definitely worth bringing in to my daily routine!
    Basic Needs & Security Calculate Your Water Footprint
    What is one way you will reduce your water use? What is a practice you already have that helps you reduce your water use?

    Gabriel Saca's avatar
    Gabriel Saca 4/21/2023 3:36 PM
    One of my current practices that reduces my water footprint is to only run our dishwasher when it is full. To further reduce consumption I will shorten my shower times.

  • Gabriel Saca's avatar
    Gabriel Saca 4/18/2023 7:35 AM
    Swapping out my commute with Carpool and BART has been an easy transition this month.
    Climate & Ecosystems Choose Sustainable Seafood Options
    What was the tastiest sustainable seafood meal you ever had or had recently? Did you make it? Can you share a recipe?

    Rachel Kiep's avatar
    Rachel Kiep 4/13/2023 4:23 PM
    I haven't eaten red meat in nearly 15 years so it has always been easy to incorporate seafood into my diet. The more recent thing I've educated myself on, through research such as watching documentaries and simple google searches, is that not all seafoods are sustainable sourced. Through my research I've been able to find sustainably sourced salmon and have been obsessed with making bento boxes with grilled salmon, sushi rice, a side of salad with miso dressing and miso soup of course!
    Basic Needs & Security Make Zero-Waste Meals
    How did you incorporate using an entire vegetable (skins, peels, tops, and stalks) during one of your meal preps? What's something new you're going to try that is a zero-waste meal practice?

    Rachel Kiep's avatar
    Rachel Kiep 4/13/2023 4:21 PM
    Since the weather has been nicer, I've found myself going to the farmer's market every Sunday. I bring my own produce bags in order to avoid using the plastic bags they offer. Since I've been gardening a lot lately, I've been throwing peels and other parts of vegetables that have either gone bad, or that I don't want to eat, into the soil of my garden. So far, the bees have not left the garden, if anything, there are more! I want to continue educating myself on composting and hopefully get my family and friends to incorporate it into their lives as well.

    • Rachel Kiep's avatar
      Rachel Kiep 4/13/2023 4:25 PM
      -I also use stalks, tops and peels to make veggie broth! :)