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  • Reflection Question
    Health & Equity Track My Purchases
    How have you reduced your purchasing habits and what would you like to do next to reduce your consumption habits?

    Sarah Maule 's avatar
    Sarah Maule 4/09/2022 4:08 PM
    Buy better quality less pescatarian organic diet. 
  • Reflection Question
    Health & Equity Spend Time Outside
    What are the implications for a culture that spends most of its time inside and on screens?

    Tambra Gaucher's avatar
    Tambra Gaucher 4/06/2022 2:56 PM
    If we listen to the news ,it is depressing .There is no culture but hate .

  • Tasha Caires's avatar
    Tasha Caires 4/03/2022 3:21 AM
    So good! This is such a great challenge!

  • Susan Kenyon's avatar
    Susan Kenyon 4/02/2022 9:50 AM
    We are working toward a net zero lifestyle.  The big stuff is done - geothermal and solar power. Changing daily habits to waste less food, eat less meat and dairy, and appreciate the beauty around us is our priority now.

  • Tasha Caires's avatar
    Tasha Caires 4/01/2022 3:34 PM
    Let's preserve and sustain our beautiful planet we call home!
  • Reflection Question
    Basic Needs & Security Know Your Produce
    What surprised you about the two produce lists? How will you use these lists for your grocery shopping? Have you used these lists before?

    Viveka Neveln's avatar
    Viveka Neveln 4/01/2022 9:15 AM
    Though I was already familiar with these lists, it's a good reminder that certain produce requires more pesticides to be marketable. Reviewing the lists reinforces the importance of buying organic produce whenever possible.