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Dianna Teadt

Comerica Michigan Green Team

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Dianna's Actions

Education & Livelihood

Engage In Active Listening

SDG #17 Partnerships

I will practice actively listening to a friend, family member, co-worker, peer, or someone who has a different experience/identity for 5 conversations per day.


Education & Livelihood

Work-Life Balance

SDG #8 Work & Economy

During the workday, I will schedule time for daily rest during work days to practice work-life balance.


Climate & Ecosystems

Participate in Comerica's Master of Sustainability Awareness Program

I will sign up for Comerica's Master of Sustainability Awareness Program and will work on my MSA Seedling level certification (or higher certifications for existing MSA participants).

One-Time Action


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    Dianna Teadt 4/29/2022 8:14 AM
    There are too much disposable items that I use.  Plastic bottles, plastic wrap and plastic sandwich bags fill my waste basket all week long.  As I start a new month, I will try to eliminate some of these items.
  • Reflection Question
    Education & Livelihood Work-Life Balance
    How does practicing a work-life balance create a more sustainable life for you? How might it contribute to sustainability more broadly?

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    Dianna Teadt 4/04/2022 7:01 AM
    It reminds me of what is important.  Excess worrying causes anxiety so a good balance is essential.  
    Some of my past jobs did not value work/life balances.