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Otto Sedlacek

Emerson Climate - Kolin

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Otto's Actions

Education & Livelihood

Share Your Eco Habits

SDG #11 Communities

Through my social media channels, in person, or as an Earth Month Ecochallenge feed reflection, I will share with others an environmentally friendly habit I have cultivated.


Education & Livelihood

Take Action During Earth Week

I will participate in Earth Week by attending at least one of the global Emerson Earth Day Live Panel discussions during Earth Week on 19th and 20th April, listening to the special Planet in Focus podcast episode, or completing an EcoChallenge action.

One-Time Action

Education & Livelihood

Engage with Emerson’s Sustainability Content

I will engage with the content available on the Emerson Environmental Sustainability Hub by doing one of the following: watch a webinar recording, read a blogpost, read one of the newsletters.

One-Time Action

Education & Livelihood

Take Emerson’s Sustainability Training

I will complete the first module of the Emerson Environmental Sustainability training program available on the Global Learning Center.

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Climate & Ecosystems

Calculate Your Carbon Impact

SDG #13 Climate

I will calculate the carbon emissions associated with my household and consider how lifestyle changes could reduce the carbon footprint and impacts on the environment.

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    Otto Sedlacek 4/19/2022 9:16 PM
    Alco plant  receive certificate from ASEKOL - our common savings - 1,13 t CO2 equivalent  reduction of greenhouse gas production - based on recalculation of provided collection of 1380 kg of electrical and electronic equipment in 2021