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Bella Raymond

PCC Environmental Sociology and Social Change

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Bella's Actions

Education & Livelihood

Work-Life Balance

SDG #8 Work & Economy

During the workday, I will schedule time for daily rest during work days to practice work-life balance.


Basic Needs & Security

Calculate Your Water Footprint

SDG #6 Water & Sanitation

I will calculate my water footprint and look for a few ways I can reduce consumption or waste.

One-Time Action

Health & Equity

Track My Purchases

SDG #10 Reduced Inequalities

Throughout the day I will track my purchases and then research the companies making these goods.


Climate & Ecosystems

Reduce Single-Use Plastics

SDG #14 & 15

Throughout the day, I will note the single-use plastics I use and consider the reusable options available to me.


Economy & Communities

Mend Clothing

SDG #9 Industry & Infrastructure

I will mend a piece of clothing for myself, family or friends.

One-Time Action


  • Bella Raymond's avatar
    Bella Raymond 4/25/2022 10:21 PM
    I was talking to my daughter about conserving water. I said, "One way we can save water is to take timed showers instead of baths." Her response was "Actually, one way to save water is to not shower or bath."  Gotta love the commitment. 

  • Bella Raymond's avatar
    Bella Raymond 4/23/2022 9:52 PM
    Earth Day was awesome! I loved seeing my kid bring home pages of different ways she can help the Earth. Her goal is to reduce her water usage and to turn off lights. Getting her involved is super fun. Also update on the dresses I am making, I have to get more fabric because I measured wrong. Researching where JoAnn's gets their fabric is going to be interesting. Also super excited I got to dive into the garment industry to find out more about outsourcing and working conditions, it makes me appreciate the work to create just one outfit let alone hundreds. 

  • Bella Raymond's avatar
    Bella Raymond 4/12/2022 8:20 AM
    So today I finally remembered my reusable Starbucks tumbler when I went to Starbucks. I found out you can only use your own cup if you physically go in, not in the drive thru (which has presented a new problem, I always use the drive thru because going in in my Pj's is not my jam.) But I was told that starting next week if you bring your own cup you get 25 stars and 10 cents off but only if you walk in. So I guess next week I will be trying that option. But for today I stuck to my reusable straw. Also I tracked where a fundraiser is donating money to. Oh and taking time for myself has gotten shorter than 5 minutes but I am trying.

  • Bella Raymond's avatar
    Bella Raymond 4/09/2022 9:47 PM
    I am working on trying to remember to bring my tumbler when I know I will want Starbucks later and it is a lot harder than I thought honestly. Almost like when I initially had to start remembering to bring bags to the grocery store. Also taking time for myself was a bit easier today than it has been in the past couple days.

  • Bella Raymond's avatar
    Bella Raymond 4/07/2022 9:53 PM
    I decided to put off studying to meditate for exactly 5 min and it was not easy to be honest. I have a lot on my mind and even taking 5 min off to give my brain a break is hard. Maybe I should tomorrow at a different time.

    • Kim Smith's avatar
      Kim Smith 4/09/2022 3:36 PM
      Good job taking a break!  I find it liberating and forgiving to remind myself that meditation is a practice, as in it takes practice.
  • Reflection Question
    Education & Livelihood Work-Life Balance
    How does practicing a work-life balance create a more sustainable life for you? How might it contribute to sustainability more broadly?

    Bella Raymond's avatar
    Bella Raymond 4/07/2022 9:40 PM
    I wouldn't be as stressed if I took some time to do nothing for like 5-10 minutes. It contributes to sustainability because if I am always burnt out or stressed its harder to maintain a positive energy level over time.
    My mom gave me meditation beads recently so I will probably try this.

  • Bella Raymond's avatar
    Bella Raymond 4/07/2022 9:36 PM
    Wow I calculated my water footprint and my results were...
    1,670 Gallons/Day
    Household: 6,680Gallons/Day
    US Average: 1,802 Gallons/Day
    This is insane to me because when I think about the two 7 gallon water tanks I take camping for like 3 days I feel like this number is too high, but it excludes showers and baths so that might be why too. Crazy info! The baths are the thing that puts us over but hey, kids like baths and I don't think I will give that up any time soon.

  • Bella Raymond's avatar
    Bella Raymond 4/07/2022 9:26 PM
    Today wasn't too bad with single use plastic, except my daughter had 3 capri suns at softball practice-not provided by me. Oh wait I went to the dollar store and got easter window stickers that are single use, I could reuse them next year if they don't get ruined though. I made no progress on the dress I am sewing lol.

  • Bella Raymond's avatar
    Bella Raymond 4/06/2022 9:56 PM
    Today I began sewing a dress that I am making for my daughter who is going to be a flower girl in my sisters wedding. I also researched a couple companies I am considering buying something from. I usually do this already to be fair. Also I went to get FroYo but they don't have reusable cups and you cannot bring your own but I did save the spoons because they were so cute.

    • Bella Raymond's avatar
      Bella Raymond 4/07/2022 9:44 PM
      Thank you! I would so love to try making home made ice cream! Do you have a recipe for old fashion vanilla? I usually make smoothies with fruits and hidden veggies and freeze that in a little plastic popsicle thing and its all reusable but I was feeling extra nice yesterday lol. Thanks for responding! 

    • Sarah L's avatar
      Sarah L 4/07/2022 2:30 PM
      That is a great way to cut costs and be creative! Sewing is such a wonderful skill! If you have the means, I highly suggest making icecream at home (which I'm sure your daughter might love to do!). I have made lavendar, coconut cream, and blueberry frozen pops using a reusable silicon mold and they've turned out great! They are also super healthy alternatives to store-bought froyo. I hope they allow you to bring your own cups and spoons. I don't see why anyone would prevent you from bringing your own wooden spoon or something so I hope you can try that. Loved your inspiring post! Can't wait to see what else you work on for the challenge. Have a great day! - Sarah

  • Bella Raymond's avatar
    Bella Raymond 4/05/2022 4:04 PM
    Today I forgot to bring my reusable tumbler to Starbucks but I did use a reusable water bottle all day. Will try again next time.