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"EVERY little bit helps!"

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Health & Equity

Consciously Utilize Reusable Bag

I will intentionally bring reusable bags along for shopping not just at grocery stores but also clothing, beauty supply, convenience, etc. Most stores discontinued the use of reusable bags during the pandemic, many have welcomed them back! I realized I collected a substantial amount and dropped them off in designated bins.


Basic Needs & Security

Know Your Produce

SDG #2 Zero Hunger

I will visit to learn about and use their Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen produce lists.

One-Time Action

Health & Equity

Learn About Equitable Food Access

SDG #10 Reduced Inequalities

I will spend 60 minutes learning about equitable food access and how I can advocate for healthy and fresh food in my region.

One-Time Action

Climate & Ecosystems

Create & Share A Love Letter, Poem, Song or Picture

SDG #13, 14 & 15

I will express my love and gratitude for our planet by writing a love letter, poem, song or taking a picture. I will share it with others on my social media channels, in person, or as an Earth Month Ecochallenge feed reflection.



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    Shamequa Norwood 4/04/2022 7:21 AM
    While I'm afraid of most animals, I somehow connected with the red panda at the Nashville Zoo a few years ago.  I now understand they are considered endangered due to several reasons - one being climate change.