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April 1 - April 30, 2021
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Zoe Mariotti

PCC SOC 228 - Environmental Sociology

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Zoe's Actions


Go Paperless

Recycled Paper

I will reduce the amount of paper mail that I receive by 0.11lbs (0.05kg) a day or 3.3lbs (1.6kg) a month by opting into paperless billing, ending unwanted subscriptions and opting out of junk mail.

One-Time Action


Recycle Everything I Can


Contamination prevents what is recyclable from being recycled. I will research and recycle all materials that are accepted by local haulers or drop stations in my community, making sure to not contaminate recyclables with non-recyclables.


Action Track: Climate Resilience

Support Local Food Systems

Plant-Rich Diets

I will source 75 percent of my food from local producers each day. This could include signing up for a local CSA, buying from a farmer's market, visiting a food co-op, foraging with a local group, or growing my own ingredients.



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    Zoe Mariotti 4/22/2021 11:00 AM
         The biggest challenge I have been working on has been being very careful where I source my food, shooting for 3 locally sourced meals every day.
         My Dad (who I had not seen since before the pandemic, and who is now fully vaccinated) came to visit me, and I was worried this would throw me off track with my eating. But rather, after explaining the challenge we are working on to him, he was actually incredibly supportive and has been participating as well! I was expecting to break this goal while eating out, but the Portland Dining scene is so transparent and proud of their locally sourced ingredients that making the decision to eat locally was not difficult at all.

    Keep up the good work team, and Happy Earth Day!

    • Sadie Carnes's avatar
      Sadie Carnes 4/23/2021 8:09 PM
      I love reading this post! It is inspiring and makes me only want to eat locally sourced food too! Way to keep up the challenge, and kudos to your dad for being so supportive. You are spreading awareness and that's amazing :) Also, couldn't agree more with you about the Portland dining scene, it makes me so happy knowing that I can go out and find places to eat that source their food locally. 
      Congrats on crushing your goal! 

  • Zoe Mariotti's avatar
    Zoe Mariotti 4/06/2021 6:01 PM
    So far I have been loving this challenge. I try my best to live as sustainably as possible, but the resources here have opened my eyes a lot. One of my daily goals is to accurately recycle everything I possibly can, which has made me realize how incorrectly I have been recycling for much of my life. I also unsubscribed from all the bills that were still sending me physical copies, which did not take long at all, and has made my mailbox fill up much slower!

    • Kim Smith's avatar
      Kim Smith 4/07/2021 7:08 PM
      Yay!  You really have learned some great new skills.  Nice job on going paperless, too.  You will definitely notice a difference.