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ADL - Central Europe

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Basic Needs & Security

Try a new plant-based food or beverage

... something you haven't tried before. What about a cappuccino with oat milk, for example? Did you know?: A 2018 study by Oxford University shows that a glass of cow’s milk has at least three times more emissions than any alternative milk. A liter of cow milk requires 1,050 liters of water to produce. This is a wild amount of resources. In terms of greenhouse gases, a 200 milliliter glass of cow’s milk creates around 0.6 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

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Economy & Communities

Promote the EcoChallenge 2022

Create a LinkedIn & Co posting and share your participation in the EcoChallenge 2022! Let's raise awareness for this EcoChallenge 2022 and make people curious about this year's Earth Month. The more people know about it, the more people participate, the greater our joint impact will be. By the end of this month everyone in your network should know what the Earth Month is all about & how small steps can lead to a big change. (On the HIVE you find great social media banners & short texts for your postings - Just click on the link & download!)

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