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Jacklyn Lock

Starbucks District 2022

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Health & Equity

Track My Purchases

SDG 10

Each day, I will track my purchases to identify my spending habits. This will allow me to see what purchases can be reduced.


Economy & Communities

Replace Manual Thermostats

SDG 7, 9, 12

I will replace manual thermostats with smart ones.

One-Time Action

Climate & Ecosystems

Support Local Pollinators

SDG 15

At least 30% of crops and 90% of flowering plants rely on pollinators to produce fruit. I will plant pollinator-friendly plants in my area to support local pollinators.

One-Time Action

Economy & Communities

Join the Community Champion Portal event

Join the EcoChallenge event on the Community Champion Portal to track qualifying actions. Select actions are eligible for matching funds going to EcoChallenge. Link provided in the dropdown menu.

One-Time Action


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