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April 1 - April 30, 2021
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Garrett Garrett

WVC Geographers

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Choose LED Bulbs

LED Lighting

I will replace 2 incandescent lightbulb(s) with Energy Star-certified LED bulbs, saving up to $14 per fixture per year.

One-Time Action


Learn about the Legacy of Redlining

Multiple Solutions

I will spend at least 30 minutes learning about the legacy of redlining and how city planning and environmental justice issues are interconnected.

One-Time Action

Land Sinks

Explore My Area

Sometimes protecting nature requires feeling connected to nature. I will invest 60 minutes in exploring and appreciating a natural area in my region, whether a forest, wetland, coastal area, or somewhere else.

One-Time Action


Express My Support For Walkable Cities

Walkable Cities

I will find out who in my city makes decisions that impact neighborhood walkability and express my support for better walking infrastructure.

One-Time Action


Research and Advocate for High-Speed Rail

High-Speed Rail

I will spend at least 120 minutes researching and advocating for a comprehensive high speed rail network in my country/region.

One-Time Action


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