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Climate & Ecosystems

[WSP Custom Action] Take Five And Find Out What it Takes to Reach Net-Zero!

Do you know what it will take to reach net-zero? Do you know which technologies and innovations are needed to keep warming below 2°C or 1.5°C? Take five minutes to see if your ideas on investments can get us to net zero!

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Economy & Communities

Learn About The Economy & Communities SDGs

SDG #7, 9 & 12

I will spend 15 minutes learning about these SDGs.

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Climate & Ecosystems

[WSP custom action] Embodied Carbon Action Plan

WSP has signed the Structural Engineering Institute 2050 Commitment (SE 2050) to reduce embodied carbon in structural systems. Read WSP's newly published embodied carbon action plan (ECAP).

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Climate & Ecosystems

Save water by planting indigenous plants to your region.

Indigenous plants or native plants are those that originated in a given geographic area without human involvement or that arrived there without intentional or unintentional intervention of humans from an area in which they originally originated. Native/Indigenous plants and grasses have adapted to the soil in which they grow and usually use less water compared to non-native plants. When your entire garden is native plants, large water savings can be achieved annually.



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