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April 1 - April 30, 2021
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Action Track: Accelerating Solutions

Advocate for waste and litter free outdoor space

1. a - contact local news paper and conduct an interview to raise awareness of waste free outdoor campaign #ProtectRespectEnjoy 1. b - contact other media (e.g. Outdoors Scotland Podcast, STV, etc) 2. contact local authorities to audit / review rubbish collection facilities at local beauty spots 3. meet and partner with 'Keep Scotland Beautiful' and Visit Scotland charities to lean on their expertise and resources, and align with their own campaign efforts and messaging 4. post in local FB page intention of campaign 5. meet with local schools to hold a poster competition 6. work with local volunteers to generate messaging and educational materials to support learning about waste in local schools (using Jock O'Bennachie as a narrative) 7. contact local food outlets to raise awareness in connection with takeaway generating waste (spark ideas, e.g. writing number plates on coffee cups, etc). 8. work with local visitor centre to get funds for litter picking equipment and provide for adhoc litter pickers 9. incentivise litter picking (if possible in conjunction with Forestry and Land Scotland) e.g. provide free car parking for every bag of waste litter collected 9. arrange 'summer clean up' once restrictions are lifted (in conjunction with local visitor centre) 10. contact local dog warden and professional dog walking services to understand their point of view and what facilities would help minimise dog waste being left behind 11. review signage and consider new permanent signage to encourage adhering to countryside code - 'taking only photos and leaving only footprints' 12......etc



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    Alex Doig 4/30/2021 1:34 AM
    i've been interviewed on local Radio in connection with our Keep Bennachie Beautiful Campaign, we have liaised with the council, forestry and land and the bennachie centre trust to get new bins around the hill (being installed today), we have planned a Big Summer Clean up (5/6th June) during Keep Scotland Beautiful Summar Clean Up, we have written educational material and a story for local Primary Schools to share with their pupils, we have arranged a poster and messaging campaign for the Summar Clean up and social media, we have spoken to local residents about their litter problems, we have planned litter picking hubs for 3 locations areound the hill for public use, we have initiated a Keep Bennachie Beautiful Challenge on the App Litterati and encouraged the public to join via social media