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Health & Equity

Learn and Discuss The Health & Equity SDGs

SDG 3, 5, 10, 16

Each day, I will spend 20 minutes learning about these SDGs and talk with 20 people about what I learned.



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    Ken Do-It 3/15/2023 2:16 PM
    I want to talk to people who appear to be eating for more than one human being. I want to let them know that being over weight is harmful to their health and to the health of our mother the earth. There is a lot of climate change that is occurring because of all the farming that we do to feed everybody. People are not eating fairly. Some people eat lot more than others. Shouldn't we all be eating the same amount? Some people are using much more of the health services just because they are over weight. It is not fair that they use it more than others. We wouldn't need as big as a health care industry if these over weight people would just stop eating so much. Think of the petroleum by-products that are manufactured for the food packaging that has to be thrown in our dumps. Think of all the extra toilet paper that they use. They use more material for clothing. They use up everything faster. People need to start eating healthily and just for one and not for two or three.