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April 1 - April 30, 2021
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Solar Arrays

Renewable energy will be a key part of the Green Transition in the coming years and solar arrays are just one option for office buildings, communities, and residences. For example, CUNA Mutual Group has two solar arrays at our Waverly campus that generate about 40% of electricity use each year! Read this article to learn more about how Solar power will help solve the climate crisis by 2030

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Data Centers

Data centers are a major global consumer of electricity, with some estimating that they account for 3% of electricity produced globally. These data centers continue to grow as more and more data needs to be stored. Sustainability experts are beginning to strategize on how to reduce the environmental impact of these essential data centers by reducing their size and increasing the renewable energy that powers them. Read these articles to learn more!

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Action Track: Accelerating Solutions

Solve Climate by 2030 Event

Solve Climate by 2030 is a global movement to solve Climate Change in the next decade through state-level and local-level action. Throughout Earth Month, the movement has organized 100 events around the world to educate and discuss climate problems and solutions. These events are a great way to learn more about local action on Climate Change!

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