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April 1 - April 30, 2021
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Violette Daveau


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    not traveled by car
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    being mindful
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Violette's Actions


Stay on the Ground

Telepresence, High-Speed Rail

Instead of traveling by plane, I will find an alternative way to accomplish the goals of an upcoming trip (i.e. telepresence, vacation locally).

One-Time Action


Use Public Transit

Public Transit

I will use public transit 10 mile(s) per day and avoid sending up to 0.0 lbs of CO2 into Earth's atmosphere.


Food, Agriculture, and Land Use

Eat Mindfully

I will eat all of my meals without distractions, e.g., phone, computer, TV, or newspaper.


Food, Agriculture, and Land Use

Zero-waste Cooking

Reduced Food Waste

I will cook 4 meal(s) with zero-waste each day



  • Violette Daveau's avatar
    Violette Daveau 4/28/2021 5:25 AM
    For earth day this year I decided to combine my 2 favorite interests, theatre, and sustainability. I have always wanted to find ways to make theatre more eco-friendly and this is what I found so far:
    1.  Costumes, marketing materials, lighting, sound, set and travel requirements for the audience and for the crew and cast demands a lot of raw materials and energy. -) There are ways to reduce costumes, props, and set pieces.
    2.  Theatre can be treated as activism: Plays can deal with environmental issues that are relevant and can give solutions to their audience. (For example: I am currently writing a play that deals with war and the impact it has on the environment and human beings)
    3. There are ways to make theatre carbon neutral: The Arcola Theatre in the UK uses solar panels, DC Microgrids (batteries to store the energy), Therminator boilers (a wood-fired heating system that produces carbon-neutral heating), and LED lights.
    4. LED lights costs a lot of money however they last longer than normal lights AND they use less energy as a whole.
    and finally
    5. The stage lighting system takes up 2% of the energy used in a theatre building. The building lightning takes up 39% and the air Handling units 25% of the energy consumed. Therefore: Theatre may not even NEED a big theatre building since the stage itself is the most important.

    Here are the links I used:
    - *LSA template (
    - Sustainability - Arcola Theatre
    - The role of theatre in drawing attention to climate change - The Boar

    • Andrea Stephens's avatar
      Andrea Stephens 4/28/2021 7:39 PM
      Awesome post Violette - thanks for sharing! Would love to learn more about the play when you are finished writing it! 

  • Violette Daveau's avatar
    Violette Daveau 4/28/2021 5:18 AM
    Yesterday, I decided to email back my Campuses environmental association  because they have opened their exec applications for next year. They are in desperate need for new members and I decided to reach out. I had no idea what they were until  they sent me that desperate email. How wonderful is that!
    Their association tries to make the campus more eco friendly and I think with my experience, I will be a good fit! 

    • Andrea Stephens's avatar
      Andrea Stephens 4/28/2021 7:40 PM
      They will be lucky to have you & all your great experience from your years helping to lead NEMO at NSS! 

  • Violette Daveau's avatar
    Violette Daveau 4/20/2021 6:57 AM
    Going outside and taking walks are essential. Thanks to the nice weather and the time in my hands, I'm able to spend a minimum of 15 minutes outside every day.