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"To boldly grow where no one has grown before. "

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Joshua's Actions

Education & Livelihood

Research Impact Investing

SDG #8 Work & Economy

Using the links provided below, I will research impact investing or my current investment portfolio to determine if they align with my values.

One-Time Action

Education & Livelihood

Engage In Active Listening

SDG #17 Partnerships

I will practice actively listening to a friend, family member, co-worker, peer, or someone who has a different experience/identity for 3 conversations per day.


Climate & Ecosystems

Plant a tree

Self explanatory. Plant a tree, and take a photo of it. The goal: More trees. Why did I chose it? Because I just did it, and whew...not easy work!


Basic Needs & Security

Practice A Sharing Economy

SDG #1 No Poverty

Each day, I will engage in a sharing economy among my family, friends, and neighbors.



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    Joshua Brown 4/06/2022 11:31 AM
    Newly planted trees need between 3-5 gallons of water per day. I created a slow-drip bucket system to water our tree. 
  • Reflection Question
    Basic Needs & Security Practice A Sharing Economy
    What benefits does the sharing economy offer to you and others? If you are a little shy to try, what could be a first step for you?

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    Joshua Brown 4/05/2022 5:22 PM
    A community practicing a sharing economy will be less reliant on the global supply chain. In addition to being more resilient to disruptions in the supply chain, the community will also burn less energy to meet its collective needs.  

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    Joshua Brown 4/05/2022 9:53 AM
    Look at this tree! Beautiful eh? A Maple, 12 feet tall on an easement once bereft of trees.  I'll let the picture speak for me.

  • Joshua Brown's avatar
    Joshua Brown 4/01/2022 2:15 PM
    Grew way too many tomato starts this year, so I gave a bunch to neighbors.