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April 1 - April 30, 2021



Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
Rank: 209 Name: University of Massachusetts Amherst Teams: Caroline Williams teammates: 8 Total Points: 52  
Rank: 137 Name: University of Florida Teams: Gators for Good teammates: 21 Total Points: 1028  
Rank: 181 Name: University of California, Berkeley Teams: axe@haas gmp@haas met@haas bear@haas oski@haas Pre-Haasies bio-biz@haas california@haas teammates: 6 Total Points: 216  
Rank: 126 Name: Unity Worldwide Ministry Teams: Unity EarthCare teammates: 4 Total Points: 1227  
Rank: 201 Name: UMass Amherst Teams: UMass Amherst teammates: 5 Total Points: 81  
Rank: 227 Name: UBS Teams: UBS - Greater New England teammates: 1 Total Points: 15  
Rank: 31 Name: Twilio Teams: Twilio SG Team Twilio ATL Twilions Segment GTM Ops The Green Team Global Telecom Team Keep Colorado Green MunichEcoChallengers Twilio CT Escalations Flower Children of ESOD Twilio Programmable Voice teammates: 248 Total Points: 11165  
Rank: 150 Name: Turner Construction Teams: Turner Construction teammates: 9 Total Points: 684  
Rank: 190 Name: Travel Portland Teams: Travel Portland teammates: 4 Total Points: 146  
Rank: 86 Name: TIG Environmental Teams: TIG Environmental teammates: 15 Total Points: 2433  
Rank: 210 Name: The Woodlands at Furman Teams: The Woodlands at Furman teammates: 2 Total Points: 51  
Rank: 33 Name: The University of Rhode Island Teams: Climate Busters (OCG123) teammates: 62 Total Points: 11087  
Rank: 227 Name: The Penn State University, Brandywine Teams: CIVCM211N Spring2021 teammates: 1 Total Points: 15  
Rank: 94 Name: The Partners Group Teams: The Partners Group teammates: 8 Total Points: 2250  
Rank: 144 Name: The Outsiders Teams: The Outsiders teammates: 7 Total Points: 871  
Rank: 165 Name: The Head-Royce School Teams: HRS Jayhawks teammates: 7 Total Points: 493  
Rank: 21 Name: The Hartford Teams: Hartford Environmental Action Team (HEAT) teammates: 70 Total Points: 16538  
Rank: 200 Name: The Harker School Teams: Harker Eagles teammates: 3 Total Points: 84  
Rank: 174 Name: The Green Corner Store Teams: The Green Corner Store Community teammates: 6 Total Points: 333  
Rank: 89 Name: The Climate Reality Project - Chicago, IL Chapter Teams: Climate Reality Chicago teammates: 24 Total Points: 2310  
Rank: 147 Name: Tennessee Women In Green Teams: TWIG teammates: 20 Total Points: 748  
Rank: 128 Name: Tallahassee Community College Teams: TCC Employee TCC Students teammates: 13 Total Points: 1176  
Rank: 37 Name: SWCA, INC Teams: Reno SWCA FLG SWCA Pasadena Las Vegas SWCA teammates: 44 Total Points: 9168  
Rank: 45 Name: SWCA Environmental Consultants Teams: SWCA Chicago SWCA San Diego SWCA Arlington/Tulsa teammates: 29 Total Points: 7441  
Rank: 53 Name: Sustain Dane Teams: Sustain Dane Community Pradaria - Credit Union Champions teammates: 65 Total Points: 6000  
Rank: 58 Name: Sustainable Wenatchee Teams: NCW Sustainable Community teammates: 17 Total Points: 5379  
Rank: 192 Name: Sustainable Living Center Teams: Team Walla Walla teammates: 3 Total Points: 117  
Rank: 227 Name: SUNY Adirondack Community college Teams: Timmer teammates: 1 Total Points: 15  
Rank: 16 Name: SUNY Adirondack Teams: Eco Warriors PreservingADK SUNY Adirondack (individual participants) FAACC Tree Huggers Lean Green Mean Team SUNY ADK Timberwolves teammates: 38 Total Points: 20080  
Rank: 114 Name: stok LLC Teams: team stok teammates: 13 Total Points: 1486